60 Sexy and Hot Paula Patton Pictures

Looking at our Sexy and Hot Paula Patton Pictures, you know that her beauty is worth drooling. Aside from her beauty, there’s a lot to learn about her as a talented actress. 

Paula Maxine Patton was from Los Angeles, California, born on December 5, 1975. She is the daughter of Joyce and Charles. Joyce is a Caucasian school teacher, while her father is an African-American, working as a lawyer. 

Paula went to Alexander Hamilton High School to take up her secondary education and graduated there. For college, Paula went to the University of California, but after a year, she transferred to the University of Southern California’s Film School. 

Her career in the performing industry started when she received a three-month assignment to create PBS documentaries.

Looking at her hot photos, you would never think that Paula provided some vocals for various singers, which include Usher. She also sang the female counterpart of Usher’s song Can You Handle It. 

Aside from giving some vocals, she also helped write some songs written by Robin Thicke. 

Even without flashing her body in a bikini, Paula made it into acting.

Paula had her film debut when she became one of the minor casts of the movie Hitch. Aside from this movie, Paula also appeared in the musical film Idlewild. 

Her breakthrough role was when Paula played the character of Claire Kuchever in Déjà Vu, which grossed more than 180 million dollars. 

She played the role of a reporter in the movie Swing Vote and as a teacher for Precious. 

Her other prominent films are Precious, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Warcraft, and 2 Guns. 

Because she busted her ass in music and on television and movies, she received several recognitions and awards. She received nominations for Critics’ Choice Move Award as Best Acting Ensemble, Teen Choice Awards, Black Reel Award for Best Breakthrough Performance, and more. 

She also won the Black Reel Award for Best Supporting Actress and Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Cast in 2007 for the movie Precious. 

Paula married Robin Thicke. They had been sweethearts since their teenage years. They met when Paula was 16, and Robin was 14 at the Balistyx, an under-21 club. 

Thicke and Paula danced on that day when they met. Thicke remembered that he sang Jungle Fever to her when they danced. The two started dating in 1993 and got married in 2005.

The two have a son named Julian. Paula gave birth to him in 2010.

However, after the long years of their relationship, their marriage ended. Paula filed a divorce in 2014, and the court finalized it in 2015, granting them joint custody of their child.

In 2017, Paula requested sole custody, but the judge denied it. It was in late January of that year when the judge finally granted her request because of the documents, which serve as the evidence of Thicke’s infidelity, drug addiction, domestic violence, and alcohol addiction. 

However, the two ex-lovers agreed on Julian’s custody in 2017.  

Even if Paula will not flash her boobs, she is still one of the gorgeous women in the performing industry. 

Sexy and Hot Paula Patton Pictures