40 Sexy and Hot Paige Turco Pictures

Paige Turco is an actress, probably most famous for the hot April O’Neil’s portrayal in the two early 1990s movies from the franchise Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She was born in Massachusetts, the United States, on May 17, 1965, to David and Joyce Turco.

Her father would then pass away a year after her birth due to reasons unknown to the public, and this would lead to her mother’s decision to move to the area of Springfield. The actress would then attend Walnut Hill High School. As a child, Paige dreamt of becoming a professional dancer.

This dream pushed her to take up ballet classes, which would eventually lead to several dance companies, including the New England Dance Conservatory. Unfortunately, this dream would never reach fulfillment due to a severe ankle injury. Paige was still determined to have a career as a performer, she then turned to act and pursued a college degree in drama at the University of Connecticut.

Her first performance in a television drama was in the year 1987, Turco would appear in a total of 18 episodes in the series, Guiding Light. This opportunity would jump-start her career, leading to a more stable role in the TV soap, All My Children. Paige booked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1991, and it was also the young star’s first acting job in the film.

Before landing the lead role for the controversial series American Gothic Turco also starred in films like Vibrations and The November Conspiracy. She was in 2007 in the ABC Television program Big Shots, portraying Lisbeth, ex-wife character of Duncan Collinsworth, a CEO of a cosmetics corporation who is played by Dylan McDermott. Her most recent work is in CW’s “The 100” and TV movie Separated at Birth.

The 51-year-old bombshell is also famous for her jaw-dropping figure, which is best in a scantily clad swimsuit at the beach. The size of Paige Turco’s boobs and ass only further add to her already seductive look. The actress was married to John Mese in 2001 and separated in 2017.

The couple shares a son named David together. She spends her time throughout Los Angeles, New York and a home in Connecticut and regularly visits family members in Ireland. Her strong religious background as a Roman Catholic has remained strong throughout the years.

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Sexy and Hot Paige Turco Pictures

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