60 Sexy and Hot Olivia Munn Pictures

Lisa Olivia Munn is a sexy American actress who worked in TV journalism before entering the world of acting. In college, she took up a degree in journalism at the University of Oklahoma.

Being a journalism graduate, Lisa Munn started by interning at a television channel. Aside from that, she also interned at Fox Sports Network, where she was a sideline reporter. Olivia Munn later revealed that she did not like the experience for feeling that she was trying to become someone she was not.

After her interning days, Olivia Munn went on to pursue acting. In 2005, she played Mily Acuna, a teenager surfer in Beyond the Break, a drama series focusing on professional surfing. Olivia Munn did not only try surfing for the movie. In real life, surfing is a sport she enjoys. As a surfer, you can see Olivia in a bikini, and that is a sight to behold.

However, despite acting, Olivia Munn continued with television hosting. She went on to host various shows focused on different themes, such as video games and drift racing.

But Olivia still wanted to act. One of her signature roles was as Elizabeth Braddock/Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse. She was one of the Four Horsemen.  Her character wore a provocative latex costume, emphasizing her ass and boobs. Still, Olivia Munn nailed her role.

Aside from the X-Men film, Olivia continued to appear in television series. She landed both minor and significant roles in different television dramas. From 2017-2018, she had a leading role in SIX. It was a drama series concentrating on the daily lives and tasks of SEAL team members.

Since journalism is her first love, Olivia Munn remained active in that profession. She was a correspondent for various shows.  

As hot as Olivia Munn is, she landed second in a trendy list for hot women in 2012. She also appeared in the cover pages of some famous men’s magazines. Just goes on to show how people see Olivia Munn as a sexy actress.

 Olivia Munn is not only an actress but is also active in charity works. She served as a spokesperson for a campaign to challenge schools to green their premises. Besides, she also campaigned for the release of a sick elephant from a circus, and anti-animal fur campaigns. Indeed, Olivia Munn is a fantastic person. From being a dedicated actress to caring for animals, she has shown how human she can be. Her love for surfing and corresponding are not hidden talents. She is a diverse person who does not let fame get to her. Instead, she shows people that she can be as ordinary as everyone is. She is sexy and talented, and everyone knows it.

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