42 Sexy and Hot Nichole Bloom Pictures

With less than a decade of being in show business, the sexy and talented Nichole Bloom has a meteoric rise in fame, with over a dozen credited roles under her name in both TV and film.

Although the actress is born in California, she’s got a mixed heritage from her Japanese mother and an Irish father. Her real name is Nichole Sakura O’Connor, which is reminiscent of her mother’s Japanese ancestry. 

At an early age, Nichole Bloom already manifested her rise in the acting industry. She’s always had an interest in mimicking voices and recreating characters. The actress even went to her parents, asking them to get her a talent agent when she still a little girl. Her dream of becoming an actress was so sure that she left her parents and her hometown of California to settle in Los Angeles when Nichole Bloom was only 14 years old.

Ultimately, the actress went back to California to enroll in college and major in Theater. While she was at the university, Nichole Bloom was an enthusiastic part of the school’s intramural productions. She was also juggling professional auditions while studying.

Fortunately, Nichole Bloom’s persistence and hard work pulled off. In 2010, the actress got her film debut in the short movie “Everyday.” That was an excellent entrance for Nichole Bloom in the industry as her projects came left and right afterward. 

The following year, she landed a part in Carpool, which was another short film. The next year, Nichole Bloom was part of a successful movie, one of the highest box office hits in the history in Hollywood. The actress played the supporting character for the movie Project X, which gained more than $100 million for their $12 million budget.

The film helped prop up Nichole Bloom’s acting career, exposing her as a promising Hollywood actress. Scouts and critics are becoming aware of her hot presence in the industry, leading to more acting projects.

Shortly, Nichole Bloom landed the leading part in the independent movie Model Minority. The film was another massive success and won several awards during different film festivals. It also earned the actress the best new actress award during the Asian Pacific Film Festival in Los Angeles. 

From her breakthrough role in Model Minority, the rest is history for the Nichole Bloom’s acting career.

Over the years, the actress appeared in several other films, including Man Up, Lazer team 2, Teenage Cocktail, and Full Circle.

In 2014, Nichole Bloom got her first role on television in the TV show Teen Wolf, where she played the character of Rinko. Her other appearances on the small screen include Grey’s Anatomy and Superstore. 

Aside from acting on TV and the big screen, Nichole Bloom also ventured into discovering other talents like her through her founded Paradigm Talent Agency in Beverly Hills. 

Over a few years, Nichole Bloom amassed an impressively successful career in show business. She’s one of the simplest actresses in Hollywood and doesn’t flaunt her shapely ass and boobs for the masses. However, her impressive figure is still apparent through some of her bikini photos over the years. 

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