48 Sexy and Hot Neve Campbell Pictures

Ranked as one of the sexiest women in the world, according to FHM for years, Neve Campbell has an undeniably hot body and an even prettier face.

Neve Campbell has been a born performer, which is not surprising as her parents are both affiliated with the entertainment industry. Her mother was a dancer before pursuing a career as an actress, and her father is a psychologist and a drama teacher. The actress’s paternal grandparents were also in the entertainment industry back in the day, while her maternal grandparents were managing a theater company.

However, family life wasn’t perfect for the young Neve Campbell. When she was only two years old, the little girl, along with her older brother, lived with her father in Ontario after their parents divorced. 

At an early age, the young Neve Campbell has already shown interest in following in her family’s footsteps. At the age of nine, she successfully enrolled in the National Ballet School of Canada. 

Although she loved to dance, Neve Campbell quit when she was 14. Leaving the school landed her a part in the production of the classic The Phantom of the Opera. Shortly, the actress appeared in Catwalk, a TV series in Canada.

In 1994, Neve Campbell got her breakthrough in show business when she landed a part in the show Party of Five. She played as the smart older sister named Julia Salinger in the series, which aired until 2000. 

After the successful show, acting projects came left and right for the actress. She starred in the famous Scream trilogy, followed by the romantic comedy show Three to Tango. 

The year 2000 was pretty busy for Neve Campbell, to a point where she started to turn down other projects because of clashes in her filming schedules. Later in the year, she decided to quit her TV appearances and concentrate on making films.

The following year, Neve Campbell starred in the independent drama film Investigating Sex. She met and worked with John Light, a British actor, whom she married later on. 

In 2003, the actress went back to her roots as gifted dances for the movie The Company. She also returned to the theater the following year in the production of Syncopation in New York. 

The next year, Neve Campbell starred in the movie When Will I Be Loved. Despite the no-nudity clause in her contract, the actress decided to lift it for her role in the film, where she bared her whole body, highlighting her ass and boobs.

In 2005, Neve Campbell followed her actor boyfriend in London, where they settled and continued her theater work. The following year, the couple got engaged, and in 2007, they had a private wedding in Malibu. However, the two eventually divorced in 2011.

At one point in her career, Neve Campbell posed for a bikini photo, which she believed was for a catalog. However, it ended up in a billboard in Toronto.

Some of her recent works on TV and films include An Amish Murder, I Really Hate My Job, Grey’s Anatomy, and Churchill: The Hollywood Years. 

Sexy and Hot Neve Campbell Pictures