48 Sexy and Hot Nelly Furtado Pictures in her Bikini

Do you appreciate Nelly Furtado for being a super-successful and multi-award-winning singer? Also, do you adore her for her sexy physique? If your answer to these two inquiries is a tub-thumping “You bet!” you will find this short article worthy of your sweet two minutes. It is because we discuss Nelly’s life and career here. Plus, we are glad to tell you that you are on the right website if you want to see the hot pictures of Nelly. We have gathered her best images wearing skimpy string bikinis of assorted colors, styles, and designs. You will get luring glimpses of the attractive singer-songwriter’s foxy ass and head-turning boobs as well. We do not want to squander your sweet time, so let’s get down to business!

First, allow us to brief you about the beautiful musician. Nelly has Kim as her middle name. Her birth date listed online is December 2, 1978, which makes her a Sagittarius, astrology-wise. Therefore, as of June 2020, Nelly is in her early 40s. Also, Miss Furtado hails from Canada. Her birthplace is Victoria, British Columbia. Nelly’s parents – Maria Manuela and António José – are Canadian immigrants who originated from the Portuguese archipelago called Azores. They raised Nelly and her siblings Lisa Anne and Michael Anthony in a Roman Catholic household. As for her dedicated work ethic, Nelly acknowledged her family members for being her reliable source of it. Before becoming a famous musician, she spent eight summers with her mother, sister, and brother working as housekeepers and chambermaids in their native Victoria. 

Nelly started to sing Portuguese songs when she was four years old. Her first-ever public performance was her duet at a parish with her Mom. This unforgettable event for the famous musician took place at one of the celebrations of Portugal Day. Nelly is tremendously musically inclined as she is knowledgeable of playing various musical instruments. They include keyboards, trombone, guitar, and ukulele. As Nelly matured, she continued her singing and songwriting activities. 

Nelly has been active in the music business since 1996. She garnered world renown for her 2000 debut studio album titled “Whoa, Nelly!” Plus, “Turn Off the Light” and “I’m Like a Bird” are her first album’s commercially successful singles. During the beginning of the new millennium, these two songs made it to the top-10 tier of the Billboard Hot 100. Are you aware that Nelly bagged the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “I’m Like a Bird”? The third studio album of Nelly released in 2006 called “Loose” is, by far, her best-selling song compilation. Around the globe, she was able to sell 12 million copies of it. Besides, “Loose” features four of Nelly’s successful, number-one songs, and we are sure that you found yourself singing along them at that time they were famous. They are “Say It Right,” “All Good Things (Come to an End),” “Promiscuous,” and “Maneater.”

As of June 2020, Nelly has sold more than 40 million records around the world. This ultra-successful Portuguese-Canadian artist has raked in numerous accolades, too. They include those prizes from the Grammy Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, BRIT Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and Billboard Music Awards. Also, Juno Awards, World Music Awards, and Much Music Video Awards bestowed honors to Nelly for being an outstanding musician.

Nelly is truly impressive as a singer-songwriter. Besides, this blue-eyed and black-haired beauty never fails to captivate with her 34-24-36 inches, sizzling-hot figure. Nelly is sexy fitting dresses with the size of six. Plus, this 5’2″ tall hot Momma-of-one is a famous social media influencer with more than 1.34 million subscribers on her official YouTube account as of June 2020. Since the video-sharing account of Nelly became live in November 2006, it has amassed over 1.3 billion views. This exemplary artist surely deserves the admiration of the world’s bachelors for being exceptional in plenty of aspects. So we want you to relish her sexy pics that prove she is a head-turning bombshell with so much to offer this world. Enjoy! 

Sexy and Hot Nelly Furtado Pictures