55 Sexy and Hot Nathalie Kelley Pictures

Nathalie Kelley is relatively new to the Hollywood industry, but she has already racked an impressive list of movies to her name. This sexy actress has a mixed heritage, with a Peruvian mother and an Argentine dad. Though she has mostly stayed in Australia and the United States, she places much importance on her parents’ roots.

Like most actresses in the industry, Nathalie Kelley dreamed of being a performer at a young age. Her breakthrough film role happened on The Fast and the Furious film franchise. She appeared on the third installment in the series, Tokyo Drift, as Neela. 

The film received commercial success, although it also had unfavorable comparisons to its predecessors. Nathalie Kelley has yet to appear in subsequent Furious movies, but we would love to see her kick some ass along with Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez.

On television, she had a starring role in the drama series, Unreal. Nathalie Kelley also appeared in the last season of the hit fantasy drama show, The Vampire Diaries. Her character was an immortal beauty, quite fitting for this lovely actress. 

She played the shady stepmother in the primetime soap opera, Dynasty. The stunning celebrity is currently working on the first season of the romantic comedy-drama, The Baker and the Beauty.

This hot, brunette beauty is also active on social media, with nearly 1.5 million subscribers on her Instagram account. Aside from the occasional behind the scenes and glamorous red carpet photos, Nathalie Kelley uses her platform to inspire other women.  

She also uses her voice to defend environmental causes like animals and nature. Apart from being an active champion for females, Nathalie Kelley also has gorgeous bikini photos. 

She even went topless on one image, hiding her perky boobs with careful placement of the hands. If the pictures move you, then her well-thought-out captions might make you take that one big step for Mother Nature as well.

Nathalie Kelley married her husband in 2018 after a whirlwind romance. Being a fierce feminist, the actress was never one to stick with stereotypes. Instead, her whole relationship with Jordan Burrows was unconventional. One, they only met up 14 times throughout the entire dating period. After several meetings in her native Australia and the United States, the lovely actress decided to go with her gut.

Though unplanned, she was the one who proposed to her partner. Nathalie Kelley did not make drawn-out decisions in her wedding planning, and the whole affair happened in a few weeks. Their meeting was fortunate, and the wedding was spontaneous. But we hope that Nathalie Kelley lives out her happily ever after, regardless if she believes in the concept or not.