50 Sexy and Hot Nathalie Emmanuel Pictures

The hot character of Missandei in HBO’s Game of Thrones has been made possible by Nathalie Emmanuel’s brilliant acting skills. 

Born in Essex, England, on March 2, 1989, Nathalie Emmanuel showcased an interest in acting for an early age. Her Dominican mother never stopped Nathalie when it comes to pursuing her goals; she supported her instead by letting her enroll in Westcliff High School for Girls.

When she was ten years old, Emmanu made it through a theatrical play audition for The Lion King. Emmanuel got the role of Nala and acted on several stage plays.

Emmanuel spent many years polishing the skills that she acquired since her younger years. In 2006, her debut finally came when she appeared in Hollyoaks. The soap opera helped Emmanuel to establish a name and get attention from more people and talent agents.

She continued acting on different TV series that are mostly produced by British companies. These appearances helped her build an experience to star in a movie debut finally. In 2012, she got a role for a film titled Twenty8k.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Emmanuel will receive international recognition for her performance as Missandei in HBO’s Game of Thrones. The series is a massive hit in many demographics that lasted for almost five years. Fans of the show also appreciated her portrayal of Missandei, and since then, became Emmanuel’s most crucial role in her acting career.

After appearing on the HBO series, Emmanuel focused on acting in films for a bit. In 2015, she received a part for the franchise Maze Runner, on one of its sequels, The Scorch Trials. Although Emmanuel didn’t win a leading role, she still did an excellent performance as a supporting actress.

That same year, Emmanuel appeared on the blockbuster hit, Furious 7. The movie went on to become a commercial success and achieved the feat of entering the list of the highest-grossing film worldwide of all time.

Emmanuel finally returned on Maze Runner: The Death Cure, reprising her role as Harriet. Like the recent film, this installment performed well commercially and received decent feedback from audiences and critics.

Nathalie Emmanuel is also known for having a sexy figure which is being admired by most of her fans. For this particular reason, she entered FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women list. Competing with a lot of personalities, Emmanuel managed to get the 99th spot.

She later appeared on the magazine’s 2015 list, and that time, her place improves to 75th. Her alluring body, combined with her perfect pair of boobs, deserves all of her entry in the FHM.

It is no doubt that Nathalie Emmanuel will continue to improve as a sexy actress. We compiled a lot of her sexy photos to feature her ass and fantastic figure as a tribute for her on-screen acting perfection.

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