46 Sexy and Hot Natalie Wood Pictures

Watching Hollywood classic movies lately must have made you feel turned on by Natalie Wood. This stunning actress was immensely popular in the 1950s and 1960s entertainment scene. Natalie was in-demand at that time because of her undeniable acting prowess. Furthermore, she had the endearing magnificence that could melt any red-blooded bachelor’s heart. Aside from Natalie’s unquestionable beauty, did you know that she was also a sex bomb? During her heydays, Natalie had the hot, bikini-perfect physique that she proudly flaunted to Hollywood photographers. Besides, she possessed the seductive celebrity ass and foxy boobs that turned on her audiences wildly from the United States and worldwide!

If you feel curious about how Miss Wood tremendously oozed in sex appeal back in the day, then you will love reading this article. We have collected the best bikini shots of the sexy celebrity. You will surely feel sexually aroused shortly. Let us first discover who Natalie was as a private person and as a showbiz personality. Natalie had “Natalie Wood” as her screen name, which means she used that name professionally. However, in real life, her real family name was Zakharenko, and her first name was Natalia. Plus, Natalie had the middle name, Nikolaevna. Her birth date listed online was July 20, 1938, which made her zodiac sign, Cancer. Natalie was a citizen of the United States. 

However, she had a foreign-sounding name because she was one of the daughters of Russian immigrant parents. Natalie’s Dad and Mom were Mr. and Mrs. Nikolai and Maria Zakharenko. Also, Natalie grew up professing Russian Orthodox. This San Francisco, California native shared the love, care, and attention of her parents with her sisters. Also, did you know that Natalie fluently communicated using English and Russian? She spoke the latter with an American accent.

Furthermore, Natalie was a Hollywood legend who collaborated with mainstream showbiz luminaries. They comprise James Dean, Henry Fonda, Tony Curtis, Richard Beymer, Rosalind Russell, Russ Tamblyn, and Lauren Bacall, among many others. Natalie co-starred with these prominent Hollywood celebrities in world-renowned classic motion pictures, such as “Rebel Without a Cause,” “West Side Story,” “Gypsy,” and “Sex and the Single Girl.” 

Moreover, Natalie was an award-winning actress. For her impeccable performance in “Rebel Without a Cause,” she took home the New Star of the Year – Actress prize in the 1957 Golden Globe Awards. In the same acting awards-giving body in 1966, the dazzling Hollywood bombshell raked in the World Film Favorite accolade. Then, in 1980, the Golden Globe Awards recognized Natalie again for her acting talent in “From Here to Eternity.” She received the award called Best Actress – TV Series Drama.

As a hot bikini babe, Natalie stood at a cute 5’2″ tall. She was unquestionably sexy with her hourglass-shaped figure that measured 34-23-35 inches. Natalie was a head-turner that fit size-6 dresses perfectly as well. This dark brown-haired, dark brown-eyed legendary piece of magnificence will forever sexually captivate even if she is no longer around. Here are the sexiest bikini pics of the alluring Ms. Natalie Wood for your appreciation. Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Natalie Wood Pictures