60 Sexy and Hot Natalia Dyer Pictures

Born in Tennessee, this sexy 25-year-old American actress became famous when she starred in Stranger Things. Before this critically acclaimed Netflix series, Natalia Dyer appeared in other films.

Her debut movie is Hannah Montana, where she co-starred with Miley Cyrus. Natalia Dyer was fourteen years old when she appeared in the film. After her appearance in the film, she landed a role in The Greening of Whitney Brown. She starred in several movies and series, including the most popular Stranger Things.

Natalia Dyer is a talented actress who takes her character role seriously. She spends some time studying the character and researches about it.  With her effort, Natalia Dyer portrayed Nancy Wheeler, the main character in Stranger things, exceptionally. When you watch her act as Nancy Wheeler, it’s like a throwback in the 1980s.

Natalia Dyer has a talent for acting all because of her dedication to study the arts. She is a product of Nashville School of Arts and later on a graduate of Gallatin School of Individualized Study.

Year after year, Natalia Dyer shows to the world her skills in acting. She’s rather lucky in landing acting roles in movies and TV series that are blockbuster hits to people. Aside from Stranger things and Hannah Montana, Blue Like Jazz, I Believe in Unicorns and After Darkness are some of the titles where she became a co-star.

Besides being a talented actress, Natalia Dyer was a diligent person. However, she’s a bit of a weakling physically. During her primary education, Natalia Dyer suffered asthma and pneumonia. These sicknesses kept her out of school for a few months in a year.

Natalia Dyer grew up a shy, introverted individual. But, her personality never stops her from pursuing an acting career. She evolved into a star with a fan base who, like her, wants to find their inner voice.

During the shooting of Stranger Things, Natalia Dyer got romantically involved with her co-star Charlie Heaton. For a year, the couple kept their relationship a secret. However, they would post some subtle hints through their Instagram accounts.

According to the two, Natalia and Charlie said that hiding their relationship wasn’t intentional. They wanted to make sure about their feelings before announcing to the public about their relationship

In her relationship, Natalia Dyer proves to the world that she isn’t just a skillful actress. She’s also a supportive and loving partner. One time, Charlie Heaton received accusations for drug peddling and got deported to the UK.

Charlie’s deportation didn’t put a strain on their relationship, and Natalia Dyer stood up by her boyfriend. Instead, Natalia would visit the United Kingdom to reunite with Charlie. Physically wise, Natalia Dyer is thin and slim, but her appearance never stops her from flaunting her body in a hot bikini when needed. She may not have a big ass or boobs, but she’s confident.

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