40 Sexy and Hot Naomi Scott Pictures

Naomi Scott started from being a Hollywood up-and-coming star then evolved into a real princess. At least on the big screen and among the aisles of Barbies and Disney princess dolls. Her rapid rise in fame began when she landed the coveted role in the live-action Disney film Aladdin last year, portraying Princess Jasmine.

The movie showed off the sexy Naomi Scott in ribbon accessories and glittery organza. If you’ve watched the film, then you’ll know that aside from her empowered portrayal of Princess Jasmine, the actress has an undeniable beauty and charm.

But Naomi Scott is more than a hot bikini body with toned boobs and ass. She might not have set foot in any acting school or class, excluding school plays, but she’s become one of the hottest Hollywood proteges.

In an audition for top Hollywood film role filled with white people, this exotic Indian-British actress snagged the character for what will be a global box office hit and more.

Before that famous role that brought her acting career into new heights, Naomi Scott has several appearances in both the TV and movie scenes. Among her early works include the Patricia Riggen film “The 33,” where she starred alongside Antonio Banderas and Juliette Binoche.

Naomi Scott also appeared in the TV series Terra Nova of Steven Spielberg for FOX and DreamWorks and the short movie Modern Love.

However, Aladdin wasn’t her first project with Disney. Naomi Scott was a regular in the series Life Bites in Disney Channel UK. Three years later, she also played the main character for Lemonade Mouth, a box office Disney Channel film in 2011.

The Indian-British actress also took part in the 2017 Lionsgate film Power Rangers, playing the unconventionally cool Pink Ranger.

However, Naomi Scott is not only a gifted actress. She is also a brilliant musician. In 2014, Naomi Scott released her first-ever EP Invisible Division. She also played a solo jazz performance at an event in London’s Royal Festival Hall. The multitalented musician started her performing career when she performed with the Bridge Church Youth Band.

You may not know it, but in the Aladdin movie, Naomi Scott sings by herself while playing Princess Jasmine in the film. The song Speechless in Aladdin also became a hit worldwide.

After playing a Disney princess role in the big screen, Naomi Scott turned into a new superhero in Elizabeth Bank’s Charlie’s Angels reboot. She played as one of the three new angels, Elena Houghlin, alongside actresses Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska. With all the movie and TV credits in her name, it shows how Naomi Scott is a truly versatile actress and musician. She’s also got an undeniably pretty face and body that lets her stand out in Hollywood. Here are countless proofs of her talent and beauty.

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