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Nami, also known as the “Cat Burglar” is the Straw Hat Pirates’ notorious navigator. She was the second to join the crew and its third member. Initially, she joined the team of the Straw Hat Pirates intending to rob them, although she became part of the group for real later on. Her mission in navigating the seas is to map the entire world. 

Nami’s character debuted in the 1st episode of the 8th chapter of the One Piece series. She is a headstrong and capable woman that comes with an alluring beauty that entices everyone. Nami has a slim figure with shapely ass and boobs, which is evident from the figure-hugging clothes she usually wears.

She is an attractive woman, a hard one to miss, especially with her vibrant orange hair and a tempting pair of brown eyes. The essential part of Nami’s fashion is the strap she wears around her thigh. There, she usually puts her staff in each of the three slots in the belt. Another trademark for Nami is her high-heeled gladiator sandals in the color orange.

Although Nami appears as a capable young woman with the world on her fingertips, her childhood wasn’t as pretty as most people think. It was full of dark memories of stealing and plunder. She grew up with another girl a bit much older than her, Nojiko, in the care of a former female Marine. However, their caretaker got killed by the Merman pirates that ravaged their village.

With her impressive skills, especially when it comes to cartography, Nami got recruited to be part of the pirate’s crew with a deal to repurchase the village from them. 

However, her time looting and stocking ill-gotten wealth from her time with the pirates changed when she met the Straw Hat Pirates. Initially, Nami wanted to steal from the crew so she can have enough wealth to repurchase her village. However, Nami later learned that the pirates never meant to go along with their agreement, which led her to join the Straw Hat Pirates in the long run.

Nami is famous for her stealth and wits, which she developed through the years of having to fend for herself. However, this orange-haired beauty is not defenseless physically. Her outfit and hairstyle may change, but she always carries as staff wherever she goes. She straps it in her leg, folded in three pieces, and something she can quickly whip out and use when needed.

Aside from her undeniable charm, Nami is well-known for her incredible outfit changes. In the episode one of the series, Nami appeared in a ballroom gown then later changed into a sexy pirate’s outfit completed with a black bandana tied on her head. 

In the Clockwork Island Adventure movie, on the other hand, Nami first appeared wearing a hot dark pink bikini that highlighted her figure. In other One Piece movies, Nami wore simple and less revealing outfits.

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Sexy and Hot Nami Pictures