40 Sexy and Hot Molly Ephraim Pictures

Molly Ephraim is best known for her hot portrayal in several films. Before she became on-screen famous, she started her acting career through theatrical plays and on-stage performances.

Ephraim grew up in Bucks County, but she was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the city where she started, she found early acting opportunities as a kid. At a young age, Ephraim entered and performed in Bucks County Playhouse, which marked her emergence on the professional theater productions.

She later pursued her studies, and as a teenager, she was allowed to become part of Prince Music Theater. Ephraim then moved to Philadelphia to pursue theater acting opportunities in Arden Theatre Company.

Ephraim never got sidetracked with her academic endeavors and later graduated from Princeton University with a degree. During her time in Princeton, she got involved in many theater projects and productions, which also helped in her experience.

In 2002, Ephraim got a shot to participate in Broadway. She got the lead role for Into the Woods, where she played as Little Red Riding Hood. Her debut is well-received by many people, exceptionally loyal theatergoers. Aside from that, her performance was also recognized when she got a nomination.

Two years later, she starred in Fiddler on the Roof, where she played as Bielke.

Her theater performances weren’t limited to Broadway only since Ephraim is also a performer in Ensemble Studio Theatre. In 2009, she got the role of Rachel Stein in the theater play, End Days.

In 2010, Ephraim also performed in Westport Country Playhouse in one of its theatrical performances as Anne Frank.

Five years later, she made another appearance, but this time on Geffen Playhouse. Here, Ephraim played as Daphna Feygenbaum in Bad Jews.

Her on-screen film acting career, on the other hand, started early 2008 when she appeared on College Road Trip as Wendy Greenhut. Thanks to her theatrical background, Ephraim made scoring roles in TV and film a lot easier.

In the same year, Ephraim’s film debut, she got in the TV show, Law and Order, frequently appearing in some of its episodes. In 2009 as well, Ephraim made several appearances in Royal Pains.

Her earliest TV show appearance can be traced back in 2003, where she appeared in Hench at Home.

Aside from that, the broadway actress was in the cast of ABC’s Last Man Standing.

In 2010, she gave life to Ali Rey in Paranormal Activity 2. Ephraim found another opportunity to return and reprise her role in 2014’s Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.

In her early years, she is famous for her hot figure. Every man falls in love with her striking personality and aura. We understand that’s why we did our best and compiled photos that feature Molly Ephraim in a bikini, with emphasis on her boobs and ass.

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