41 Sexy and Hot Miranda Lambert Pictures

The award-winning sexy Miranda Leigh Lambert is best known for her prominence and contribution to American country music. Upon leaving her group Pistol Annies, Lambert made a lot of improvements and impressive feats for her career.

Now at 36 years old, Lambert still rocks any clothing she wears on her performance. But before we go to our collection, it is best to do a quick recap of her achievements and career overview.

Lambert grew up in Lindale, Texas, with her father, Rick, a police officer, and mother, Beverly. Before debuting into the international scene, Lambert made her first stride as an artist when she performed in Reo Palm Isle. The location is also known to have hosted several legendary artists, including the rock and roll icon Elvis Presley.

Lambert’s emergence in the music industry started when she dropped her 2005 album, Kerosene. It gained a lot of traction, including from fans and review critics too. Inside the album are singles that helped the project reach Platinum in the United States.

Her singles “Kerosene,” “Bring Me Down,” “Me and Charlie Talking,” and “New Strings” are all chart-toppers in the Billboard Country music category.

After two years, Lambert followed up her debut album with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend; although the project didn’t receive that much attention, her singles from the record made their way on the Billboard charts for country music.

Another two years have passed, and Lambert released her third studio album, Revolution. Before it was released, her management and record label released five songs to the public as singles, which like her debut album, helped out with the hype.

In between these album releases, Lambert embarks on a tour, mostly in the US, where she performs her hit singles. She mostly wears hot pieces of clothing, which highlights her flawless body, including her big boobs.

Like her usual release pattern, Lambert released her fourth studio album in 2011, Four the Record. Some notable singles that highlight her career as a country singer are in this one, including “Mama’s Broken Heart” and “Over You.”

Breaking her two-year album release window, Lambert dropped Platinum, her fifth studio album in 2014. She made “Automatic” her lead single for the collection and also the reason for her accolade she received from Grammy, the most prestigious award-giving entity for music. She won the award for Platinum for being the best country album of the year of its release.

“Automatic” also performed well as a single release, entering Billboard’s country category in no time.

Lambert mostly wears tank tops and fitted shirts while touring and performing. Most of the time, her outfits highlight her ass, which makes most of her fans scream in excitement. We offer more than that, as we also compiled a lot of Lamberts bikini photos that will impress anyone, even if you’re a fan.

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