50 Sexy and Hot Miranda Cosgrove Pictures

We might know her now as a sexy actress and singer, but of course, nobody will forget Miranda Cosgrove because of her appearance in iconic TV shows. But more importantly, her role as Carly will forever go down into history.

Cosgrove’s hometown is Los Angeles, California, where she grew up before her TV breakthrough. As some lucky incident, while singing in a restaurant, she was approached by a talent agent for modeling.

It leads her to land several commercial projects, including big ones like McDonald’s and Mello Yello.

After these projects, Cosgrove decided to audition for acting roles to pursue her passion.

Before debuting in the silver screens, she had the opportunity to become the voice actress for Lana Lang in Smallville. In 2003, her breakthrough happened when she portrayed Summer Hathaway in the film School of Rock. The movie received critical acclaim and also impressive numbers in its box office.

Before becoming Carly, she started as Megan Parker, one of the leading roles in Nickelodeon series, Drake and Josh. In the same year, she appeared in two more projects, What’s New, Scooby-Doo? And as a guest for Grounded For Life in one of its episodes

Aside from being affiliated with Nickelodeon, she also got several opportunities to work with Disney. Her first one was on Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie and her voice were also used in Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

She got more film exposures when she got the role for Yours, Mine and Ours, starring alongside her co-star Drake Bell from Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh. Her third movie appearance was on Keeping Up With the Steins.

In September of 2007, Cosgrove’s acting life changed when she secured the central role as Carly for iCarly. This iconic portrayal is prevalent to the 9-14 viewer demographic, which also helped the show’s massive success. The series is also something new and unique, which allows audience participation through sending videos to them and featuring it in the show. The same month and year was also the end for Drake and Josh.

Her love for music and singing later translated into a career when she started releasing cover tracks and singles. But in 2010, her debut album Sparksfly dropped, which marked her future involvement in the music industry. She all did this while still focusing and acting.

In the same year of her album’s release, she got a role in Universal Studios’ animated film, Despicable Me, as Margo.

Cosgrove continued her acting career while still releasing several singles and EP. Miranda Cosgrove is a certified hot and influential person of this generation. She also blesses the internet with her bikini body, which she shows off on her social media platforms. Our collection of her photos, featuring her gorgeous ass and boobs, will surely leave anyone in awe.

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