51 Sexy and Hot Milla Jovovich Pictures

Everybody knows that Milla Jovovich is as sexy as hell, because of her sci-fi films and TV series that will leave you awe. As you browse through her pictures, get to know about her even more. Find out what makes Milla Jovovich an A-list star, queen of kick-butt, and every geek’s crush.

Milla spent her early childhood in Moscow, Russia, although her birthplace was in Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR. December 17, 1975, was her birthday. Her parents were a Russian actress and a doctor. Her mother, Galina, is Russian, and her father, Bogdan Jovovic, is Serbian. 

When Milla was a 5-year-old girl, her family moved to London and Sacramento, California, until they settled in Los Angeles. However, her parents divorced shortly after. In 1988, her father developed a relationship with another woman, which brought to her little half-brother, Marco Jovovich.

Milla revealed that she attended public schools, but participated in acting schools more. She said that because of her Russian heritage, her schoolmates often teased her by calling her a Russian spy. She felt that she was always an outcast. 

By looking at her hot pictures, you would never think that Milla had a tough childhood. As a teen, Milla revealed that she was a rebel. She engaged in mall vandalism, credit card fraud, and drug use. However, it all turned out well for her in Hollywood. 

When Milla was 12, she focused on her modeling career. According to her, Galina, her mom raised her to become an actress by enrolling her in acting schools. Even though her mom did not find luck in acting, Milla made it in Hollywood. 

Though you can see that she has what it takes to be in her roles through her bikini photos, she acted in several films. Her debut was an appearance in the film, Two Moon Junction, playing as Samantha Delongpre. 

She also appeared in the television film The Night Train to Kathmandu. She also played roles in several TV series such as Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Paradise, and Married…With Children. 

She got her first role as a lead actor for the Blue Lagoon sequel, Return to the Blue Lagoon, where many people compared her to Brooke Shields. 

Her films that became a huge success were the Fifth Element and the Resident Evil and its sequels, which prove that she is an actress that can kick an ass. Because of her roles and acting in these films, she garnered a lot of awards and titles. 

She received a nomination for the Favorite Female Newcomer and won the Scream Awards among several others. 

Milla is an advocate for the legalization of cannabis. She admitted that smoking cannabis and cigarettes are her only vices. Milla practices yoga. 

Milla revealed to be a spiritual person, although she does not have a specific religion. 

Even without seeing Milla’s boobs’ photos, you can tell that she has the beauty, personality, and talent. 

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