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The sexy Gossip Girl Michelle Christine Trachtenberg is having a long-running acting career. With an impressive number of 100 commercial starring under her belt, it is no doubt that her fame is genuinely destined. If you’re itching to see more Sexy and Hot Michelle Trachtenberg Pictures, you’ve come to the right place, and we will give you the best treat there is.

The American actress and model had her roots in New York City. She grew up with her older sister and parents in Brooklyn. In the same location, she attended an academy and later moved to California to enroll in Notre Dame High School.

Trachtenberg had a busy childhood life. Apart from her on-screen debut of a Wisk detergent commercial, she also starred in 100 more projects. Her TV debut, however, occurred in Law & Order’s second season.

The American actress also appeared in All My Children in her earlier years. Trachtenberg debuted in the film industry with an appearance in Harriet the Spy, a 1996 film. She appeared once again on Nickelodeon’s Adventures of Pete & Pete’s second season.

Trachtenberg already appeared on the first season of the show while she was starting an acting career. This time, however, she was included in the cast for an extended period.

After winning an award in the series Meego, Trachtenberg made a comeback in the film when she appeared in the 1999 film Inspector Gadget. The next year, she landed a role for the movie Can’t Be Heaven, as well.

Trachtenberg had more characters in different networks until her breakthrough in the year 2004. She appeared in the famous film EuroTrip. The American actress also appeared in Six Feet Under, an HBO series where she scored a recurring role.

Her mid-2000s had a good run and are full of surprise roles as well. Starting the late 2000s, she joined the series Gossip Girls as Georgina Sparks, which also marks her worldwide recognition.

In 2009, Trachtenberg starred in Mercy, a drama spearheaded by NBC, which only lasted for one season. She returned to film when she joined the cast of The Scribble, which premiered in 2012.

Trachtenberg did two web series in her acting career, Guidance, which premiered in 2015, and Human Kind of, which boasts 21 episodes in total.

The American actress also appeared in three music videos from the artists, Trapt, Ringside, and Fall Out Boy.

Trachtenberg gained the opportunity to model for Maxim in 2011, which showcased her big boobs and alluring ass. A photoshoot features Trachtenberg’s hot body in the cover of the said magazine.

As a model and an actress, Michelle Christine Trachtenberg never failed to deliver her best. With more than 300 thousand followers on Twitter, she influences a lot of people with her opinions and also her fashion style.

If you want to see more of Trachtenberg’s bikini body, then you’ve come into the right place.

Sexy and Hot Michelle Trachtenberg Pictures