45 Sexy and Hot Michelle Rodriguez Pictures

You will have a treat when you peruse our set of Sexy and Hot Michelle Rodriguez Pictures. The multi-talented actress has quickly proved that she can be sexy too. But before you uncover her hot photos, how about a little tour on her life first?

Originating from San Antonio, Texas, actress Michelle Rodriguez spent years before finding a permanent place to stay. Her family moves so many times, but later on, they decided to move to New Jersey for good.

Rodriguez had a rough history with schools, getting expulsion in most of them in her early academic years. She tried getting into a business school but still failed to stay. Rodriguez dropped out and decided to pursue what she loves, which is acting and screenwriting.

Rodriguez made her way to Hollywood through a role in an indie film debut, Girlfight. The movie, which aired in 2000, received massive praise and commercial success. It became the reason why Rodriguez passed acting auditions quickly and portrayed in many big films in Hollywood.

Her performance also resulted in a Best Debut Performance, which was given to her by two awarding entities.

Her breakout success was followed by another one when she starred in 2001’s The Fast and the Furious. The now-famous franchise became an instant hit to the masses. Rodriguez played as Letty Ortiz, which continued to appear in the next installments of the franchise.

Her success never stopped, Rodriguez became a highly-sought actress for expensive films like Resident Evil and Avatar.

Aside from doing Hollywood movies, Rodriguez tried to get into TV with her appearance on Lost’s second season.

In her career, she also managed to land several voice acting projects in popular video game franchises including Call of Duty and Halo.

Rodriguez also voiced in several animated projects like the film Turbo and IGPX, which is a TV series. Her award-winning movies enabled Rodriguez to establish a firm stand in the Hollywood acting industry. Aside from her acclaimed indie film Girlfight, she also received a lot of nominations and awards for more of her acting credits.

Rodriguez started her passion for screenwriting in 2013, although there are no concrete details that are out yet.

The Latina Hollywood actress isn’t just all about acting; she also has several hobbies, which she enjoys. From time to time, she trains for tactical shooting, does skydiving, and also has an affinity with DJing.

Michelle Rodriguez’s appearance in a lot of action films requires her to be fit. She can also be hot too sometimes if she pleases. With her hobbies and training regimen, Rodriguez can sustain a bikini body that most Hollywood actress also has.

Get ready to be knocked out with our collection of Rodriguez’s best photos that you can find on the internet. Her ass and boobs photos are also available to show appreciation for her one of a kind body.

Sexy and Hot Michelle Rodriguez Pictures

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