40 Sexy and Hot Mia Sara Pictures

Mia Sara is among the eye-catching actresses that graced Hollywood. At 5’4″ tall, this green-eyed beauty also has a sexy body measuring 31-25-34 inches. Plus, Mia’s long, dark brown hair that she frequently displayed in her films and TV series enhanced her allure.

If you have been feeling nostalgic lately and miss viewing Mia on TV series and movies, we can make you feel delighted because this article is all about the talented actress. We offer some essential tidbits about Mia. Plus, if you had a crush on her because of her hot and bikini-perfect physique, then you can expect some visual delights from us shortly. We have collected the best and most seductive pictures of Mia that highlight her tight, white ass. Plus, the hot pics display her alabaster-white and curvaceous boobs. Sounds exciting, right?

Nonetheless, let us give you some vital information about this gorgeous Hollywood star first before we allow you to enjoy gazing at her sultry images. The real family name of the beautiful Mia is Sarapochiello. Furthermore, she is a Generation X woman, with her birthdate listed online as June 19, 1967.

Yes, Mia is a Gemini, astrology-wise. Also, she is a New Yorker, with her birthplace being Brooklyn Heights in the Big Apple. Mia’s family is Italian-American in pedigree. Moreover, they profess Roman Catholicism. Diana is the name of Mia’s Mom, who worked as a photographer and stylist. Meanwhile, Mia’s Dad is Jerome. Mr. Sarapochiello worked as an artist and photographer.

As for Mia’s showbiz career, she was active in the entertainment industry from 1985 to 2013. She worked with seasoned Hollywood stars during her stint, appearing alongside them in plenty of motion picture projects. Mia collaborated with Matthew Broderick in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

Furthermore, she appeared alongside Chad Lowe and Donald Sutherland in “Apprentice to Murder.” In “A Stranger among Us,” Mia got cast alongside Melanie Griffith, while in “Timecop,” she worked with famous martial arts action star, Jean-Claude Van Damme. The movie actress appeared in a total of 21 films between 1985 and 2013. Besides her work on films, Mia was also a part of the cast of popular TV series, such as “CSI: NY,” “Chicago Hope,” “20,000 Leagues under the Sea,” and “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” among many others.

Plus, she appeared in various motion picture projects made for TV, including “Big Time,” “Midnight at Saint Petersburg,” and “Undertow,” among plenty of others. Mia is undoubtedly an attractive celebrity that the son of Hollywood icon Sean Connery, Jason, did not let her stay single.

Mia and Jason collaborated in the 1995 action-thriller TV movie “Bullet to Beijing.” They married in the mid-1990s and have shared parenting duties with their son named Dashiell Quinn. Following Mia and Jason’s divorce in 2002, the actress tied the knot with Brian Henson, the eldest son of the famous Jim Henson, who created “The Muppets.” In 2005, Mia gave birth to her and Brian’s daughter, whose name is Amelia Jane.

We are sure that you would want to revisit the filmography of Mia soon as we now bring you her sexy images. Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Mia Sara Pictures

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