42 Sexy and Hot Mercy Pictures

Do you need healing? You’re in luck. You’re in the hands of Mercy. And we are happy to shocase the best Sexy and Hot Mercy Pictures available.

For all of the Overwatch fans out there, you’ve most like heard of Dr. Angela Ziegler, or commonly known as Mercy. She’s one of the most renowned and respected figures in Overwatch because she does her job pretty well. A lot of players consider her when it comes to a support hero because she’s one of the best healers out there. Just like Tracer, Soldier 76, and Reaper, she’s one of the tried and tested playable characters in Overwatch.

We’re not here to discuss that. We’re here to analyze and circumnavigate the sexiness of this character. Here we’ll know more about Mercy, her lore and personal life, career, passion, and as well as interests. We’ve provided you with the best and sexiest photos of Mercy, hot enough to make you beg for, well, Mercy.

This gallery is specifically designed not to satisfy you, but to make you crave for more. She’s hot, she’s skillful, and most of all, she’s caring enough to heal you from time to time. So what’s the delay? Let’s call the doctor!

In the Overwatch Universe, Dr. Angela Ziegler is a healer, a one-of-a-kind scientist, and a pacifist. When it comes to medical technology, you go to her. She has applied her healing prowess on herself, which results in halting her aging process. Mercy loves Swiss chocolate and tea: she enjoys it the most after a life-threatening scenario.

She’s terrible at making coffee, though; only Genji can stand her blend. There are speculations that Mercy and Genji seemed to be romantically involved in some way. That theory got somehow solidified when we saw Mercy smiling while reading the letter that Genji gave her. It may be a little taboo, though; it’s a doctor-patient relationship! After all, Mercy is responsible for resurrecting Genji when he almost got killed by her brother Hanzo.

Though she spends the majority of her attention on caring for the people that need nurturing and healing, she also uses her Valkyrie suit whenever someone innocent is in grave peril. She’s one of the most reliable heroes in Overwatch, one of the sexiest too. With her Valkryie Suit and Caduceus Staff to help her teammates like a real-life guardian angel, she heals, protects, and resurrects (that rhymes!).

You might’ve been a fan of Overwatch, maybe you still are. Chances are you’ve played as Mercy already. You can’t deny how attractive her figure is. Her Valkryie suit emphasizes the shape of her body: from her boobs to her ass. Seeing such a physique will make you wonder: ”how would Mercy look like in a bikini?”

Well, we’re about to find out in this collection of tempting photos of Mercy that will make you beg for Mercy.

Sexy and Hot Mercy Pictures