50 Sexy and Hot Melissa Joan Hart Pictures

If you are familiar with the ’90s sitcoms Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains It All, you are already aware of how sexy Melissa Joan Hart is. As you browse through our Sexy and Hot Melissa Joan Hart Pictures, you will appreciate her beauty and charm!

She has been active in the performing industry for several years, and until now, she still has a bewitching beauty. Melissa Joan Hart was from Smithtown, New York, and born on April 18, 1976. She is the daughter of Paula Voje, a talent manager, and William Hart, an entrepreneur. Although Melissa was from Smithtown, she grew up in Sayville. 

Her parents got her name from one of the songs of the Allman Brothers, which is Melissa. They got her middle name, Joan, from her grandmother. 

Melissa was the oldest among her four siblings, whose names are Emily, Brian, Elizabeth, and Trisha, and they are all actors. 

Even though she is hot on her photos, Melissa’s parents divorced in the early ’90s. Her mother took them all to New York City. Her mom married her stepfather Leslie Gilliams, a TV executive, and she has half-sisters whose names are Mackenzie, Samantha, and Alexandra. 

Despite her bikini photos, Melissa is open about her political beliefs. She expressed that she has been a Republican. 

In 2012, before the election day, she expressed her support to Mitt Romney through a Tweet. It garnered several criticisms. She also disclosed her support for the enhancement of gun regulations by joining the march for Moms Demand Action. 

In the presidential election in 2016 for the campaign of Gary Johnson, Melissa donated. 

Melissa has been famous for starring many sitcoms, such as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Clarissa Explains It All, and Melissa & Joey.

She also starred in several films, which include Drive Me Crazy, God’s Not Dead 2, and Nine Dead. 

Aside from her career in the performing industry, Melissa also busted her ass to become an entrepreneur. 

In 2009, she started a candy shop, which she named SweetHarts. She revealed that building a candy shop has been her childhood dream. However, in 2011, her shop had to close because of the lawsuit filed by a former employee. It was because of racial discrimination and unlawful termination. 

Although it reopened with different owners, it shut down permanently in 2015. During this year, Melissa and her significant other started a new business that was in-line with fashion. They called it the King of Harts.  

Melissa has been married to Mark Wilkerson, a musician. They met in 2002 in Kentucky Derby. Mark married her in Florence, Italy, and the Tying the Knot series documented the event. 

Currently, the couple has three sons, and they are all residing in Westport, Connecticut. In 2008, the People Magazine featured them, where they also introduced their second son, Braydon. 

Hart revealed that her family is a Presbyterian, and they are active churchgoers. 

Melissa has been bewitching people for her beauty throughout the years. Even though she does not flash her boobs, everybody knows that she has been a talented and gorgeous actress.  

Sexy and Hot Melissa Joan Hart Pictures