40 Sexy and Hot Melissa Fumero Pictures

Melissa Fumero shot to fame as the lovable and neurotic Amy Santiago of the award-winning sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On the show, she portrays a Cuban-American police officer who is a stickler for rules and constantly curries favor from her commanding officials. Before her arrival on the series, Melissa Fumero has other notable appearances on television.

Here are some lesser-known facts about the actress who has won audiences with her sexy humor. Melissa Fumero had a starring role in one of the longest-running American daytime soap operas, One Life to Live.

She played the character of Adriana Cramer for 208 episodes, which spanned seven years. On her last day of college at New York University, she got the role and did not have to look for a job.

She met her future partner on set. Her now-husband, actor-model David Fumero, played the role of Cristian Vega on the same series. The hot couple has been married since 2007, and they share two sons. The show initially credited her as Melissa Gallo, her maiden name, until she tied the knot. She has since gone by Melissa Fumero.

She had a minor role in teen drama series Gossip Girl. For five episodes, she played as Zoe, one of Blair Waldorf’s underlings. Her fans shared their shock on social media upon discovering this little detail, as her characters’ personalities were way different. There is no doubt she rocked those bright 2000s outfits on the show, though.

Remember that episode on Brooklyn Nine-Nine where Amy had to go undercover as a pregnant inmate? It turns out that producers were hiding the real-life pregnancy of the star! Melissa Fumero was shooting scenes for the show up to her ninth month. So the producers had to get creative with ways to conceal her baby bump.

Her parents were Cuban refugees. Her father and mother migrated to the United States when they were still teenagers. To honor her Cuban roots, Melissa is working with the We Get the Job Done Coalition, a mix of nonprofit organizations committed to supporting immigrants.

Together with co-star Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Fumero graced the cover of Resource magazine’s spring issue in 2015. The pair took amusing but glamorous shots that showcase their lovely boobs and fantastic figures. Though it is not that obvious, the actress has an exquisite ass to match her incredible proportions. And she does not have to wear a bikini to prove it. After all, she was mostly covered up and in uniform on set. Melissa Fumero has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, where she posts snapshots of her regular life and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s behind the scenes. With the success of the show, we look forward to seeing more of this beautiful actress on screen.

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