60 Sexy and Hot Melissa Benoist Pictures

We have first seen Melissa Benoist on mainstream television on the musical comedy-drama series Glee. Starting the fourth season of the show, she had a recurring role and later became part of the main cast in the fifth season. She portrayed Marley Rose, a transfer student who becomes one of the lead singers in McKinley High’s Glee Club.

Melissa Benoist then continued her acting career with the starring role in the superhero TV series Supergirl. The show is the third series established in the Arrowverse, a universe where many DC Comics superheroes share common plot elements and settings.

Currently, six TV series have crossed over in this multiverse, of which some are Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. A seventh one titled Superman and Lois is still in development. The sexy actress received numerous nominations and won several awards for her breakout role in the show.

Her show generally received positive reviews, with critics praising her performance as Kara Danvers. Melissa Benoist was able to deliver a fierce female superhero who can easily kick butts, yet she can still be charmingly awkward with the hot looks to match. Her Supergirl costume does not show much skin, unlike in the comics. However, even fully clothed, Melissa Benoist can still showcase her toned body.

Aside from those two main characters, Melissa Benoist also had small roles in other famous TV shows like Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Law & Order, and Homeland. Her silver screen appearances include Tennessee, Whiplash, Patriots Day, and Sun Dogs.

She showed her fantastic vocal range in two seasons of Glee, but Melissa Benoist took it up a notch by debuting in Broadway for the show Beautiful: The Carole King Musical in 2018. She also starred in commercials for Clean and Clear and Tampax Radiant. In one of those, she was lying on the sand wearing a purple bikini. Though she does not have the biggest boobs or ass, she still rocked the look with her confidence.

Melissa Benoist tied the knot with her former Glee co-star Blake Jenner and kept it secret for some time until they revealed their marriage in 2015. However, they have already filed for divorce. In September 2019, she married actor Chris Wood. They are anticipating a child this 2020.

She is active on Instagram and frequently posts pictures of her family or behind the scenes of Supergirl. Melissa Benoist has also used her platform to address domestic violence and has since encouraged other women to open up about their experiences. Her profile has more than 4 million followers. With the success of Arrowverse and all its series crossovers, we are sure to see Melissa Benoist a lot more on television.

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