60 Sexy and Hot Melania Trump Pictures

She is the wife of one of the most influential people in the world, but Melania Trump is unlike any other First Lady we have seen. Here are some interesting facts about the mysterious woman that heads a global superpower.

Born in Slovenia, previously known as Yugoslavia, Melania Trump is the only First Lady to become naturalized in the United States. Along with Louisa Catherine Johnson, wife of John Quincy Adams, they are the presidential wives in American history to be born outside of the country.

Melania Trump was a previous model. She worked mostly for fashion houses in Milan and Paris until she moved to Manhattan in 1996. This sexy lady featured in explicit photoshoots and even posed for a men’s magazine without any clothing. Other magazines she appeared in are Sports Illustrated, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar.

In the January 2000 issue of GQ, the then-model only wore diamond jewelry and posed artfully to highlight her magnificent boobs and curvy ass. There was even one photo where she wore an itsy-bitsy steel chain bikini. The images garnered criticism after Donald Trump won the presidential election, but Melania Trump remained proud of her achievements.

She is fluent in six languages, more than any other First Lady before her. Apart from her native Slovenian, Melania Trump can also speak French, German, and Italian, among others. With her in tow, her husband will not even need a translator for those diplomacy meetings.

We know height comes from being a model, and Melania Trump holds the record for the tallest First Lady. At 180 centimeters, she shares this distinction with Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt.

She is the President’s third wife. Donald Trump first married former model Ivana Zelnickova, then-actress Maria Ann Maples, before tying the knot with Melania in 2004. They share one son, Barron William Trump. Another fun fact: the hot First Lady is only seven years older than the President’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

Before her husband won the election, Melania Trump established a jewelry and skincare line that was available in luxury department stores. Once she became the First Lady, she closed her businesses to avoid making a profit by using her position.

Instead, Melania Trump busied herself with charity work for various foundations, including Red Cross, Love Our Children, Wounded Warrior Project, and Paralyzed Veterans of America. She launched an awareness campaign focused on children’s wellbeing named BE BEST in 2018.

Her friends describe her as quiet and reserved, and even in official events, the First Lady often takes on an unassuming stance beside her husband. Unsurprisingly, the American general public finds her more likable than her husband. Whether it be her fashion or personality, Melania Trump is sure to capture attention all over the world.

Sexy and Hot Melania Trump Pictures

Sexy and Hot Melania Trump Pictures
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