45 Sexy and Hot Mel B Pictures

Well-known as the “Scary Spice” in the popular girl group of the 90s Spice Girls, Mel B continues to rock the stage with her musical talent, presence, and sexy body. In 1997, she got named one of the most beautiful people in the world by People magazine, and it’s not surprising at all. To this day, Mel B oozes an appeal that is unlike any other and has maintained her hot and slim figure with shapely boobs, which you can see from the bikini photos she sometimes posts online.

Born and grew up in Leeds, Melanie Janine Brown first took up performing arts in high school before she rose to worldwide fame. Her early years in the entertainment industry was working as a dancer. She worked in a resort until she saw an ad for an audition. It led her to a door for a music career with the band named Touch. 

However, in 1994, Mel B was in for a massive shift in her career. She joined the other four girls to make the Spice Girls through an audition ad in The Stage magazine. However, the start of the group’s career was a bit unsure of their lack of a contract.

The following year, Spice Girls toured Los Angeles and London to find and record label, then later signed with Virgin. That was the start of the spicy success for the group. Their debut album gained massive success worldwide and became a multi-platinum album un 27 different countries.

Their first album became one of the biggest-selling ones in music history and the best-selling one by a girl group. Their singles also ranked top in the UK. 

Two years later, the group released another album, which gained the same amount of success as well. That led Spice Girls to star in their Spiceworld movie, which was another worldwide box office hit. Around 1998, members departed from the group until they eventually disbanded.

Before the split, Mel B already released solo music through Virgin Records. Her single, “I Want You Back,” topped UK charts and was included in the movie Why Do Fools Fall in Love soundtrack.

Following the end of Spice Girls, Mel B continued her solo music career and also went to the acting scene. In 2000, the singer released her first solo album, although that didn’t earn a Spice Girls like success on the charts.

During that time, Mel B worked in the documentary film Voodoo Princess and hosted the talent show This Is My Moment, among others.

In 2002, the singer published her autobiography, then worked in various movies, and TV shows the year after. Mel B appeared in LD 50 Lethal Dose, The Vagina Monologue, The Seat Filler, Rent, Telling Lies, Dancing with the Stars, and Loose Women.

Mel B’s recent works on TV and film include Mel B, a reality show in Style Network, Dance Your Ass off, The X Factor Australia, America’s Got Talent, Australia’s Got Talent, The Diary of a Call Girls, The Voice Kids, and Lip Sync Battle UK.

Sexy and Hot Mel B Pictures