48 Sexy and Hot Meghan Trainor Pictures

No one rocks those tight dresses better than Meghan Trainor, and we have evidence to support that claim. Every time she wears body-hugging dresses, she always flaunts her lovely ass, and we have no complaints. We must say that “All About that Bass” singer is sexy, in and out. If you’re too curious, you can watch our compilation of Sexy and Hot Meghan Trainor Pictures below!

Meghan Elizabeth Trainor was born to a wealthy family. Both her parents, Kelli and Gary Trainor, are jewelers and lived in Massachusetts, where Meghan and her brothers were born. She was born on December 22, 1993, and started singing when she was still six years old. Her first public audiences were their fellow churchgoers. 

Trainor’s singing dream got set at an early age. She started to write and record her songs at 11 years old using the application GarageBand. At 13 years old, Meghan composed her first original song entitled “Give Me a Chance”.

Through her determination, Meghan released her three albums on December 25, 2009, independently with her composition and arrangement. She was then introduced to Al Anderson in a music conference in Colorado and got to meet a publisher from Big Yellow Dog Music. Through them, Meghan was able to write songs for musicians like Rascal Flatts.

Before the year 2014 started, Trainor composed the song “All About that Bass” with Kevin Kadish and performed it to L.A. Reid in February 2014. She got to sign with Epic Records, and her song got released in June of the same year.

“All About that Bass” was a hit all around the world that it was number one in 58 countries as of December 2014. Trainor then released her second single “Lips Are Movin” in October 2014. It made the number four spot in the Billboard Hot 100.

It was Meghan’s breakthrough year, and she even got to be a guest judge in The Voice’s seventh season. After her two successful singles, she released her first label studio album, Title.

Meghan further released her other singles, including the song “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” with John Legend, which reached the top three at the Billboard Hot 100. She then started her first tour I 2015 and ended the year by winning Best New Artist at the Grammy’s.

In 2016, Meghan finished her second studio album and released the song “No” in March 2016, followed by her other songs, which were loved by the public to the point that it sold three million copies worldwide.

Currently, Trainor will be one of the coaches in The Voice UK alongside Will.I.Am and Olly Murs. With Meghan’s hard work, she proved that talent breaks the bikini body in the world of show business.

Sexy and Hot Meghan Trainor Pictures