60 Sexy and Hot Meghan Ory Pictures

Meghan Ory was born in Canada in Victoria on the 20th of August, 1982. Meghan Ory is a professional television actress renowned for her appearance as Red Riding Hood / Ruby on the ABC fantasy show Once Upon a Time and also starring Riley Neal in the short-lived CBS drama Knowledge. Ory is now acting as Abby O’Brien in the Hallmark family series Chesapeake Shores. Her debut role was with sexy Suzanne Somers in the TV movie The Darklings.

She has also played the character of Jill in the iconic movie John Tucker Must Die.

Meghan’s first major television part came alongside A.J Cook and Star Wars star Hayden Christensen. Cook and Christensen were the leads for the TV show “Higher Ground,” a drama about the lives and hardships in a residential boarding school with a group of troubled children. Even though the show was short-lived, it gave Meghan the chance to shine, and she continued to impress MTV enough for them to cast her in the program “2ge+her.” She landed another recurring part a year later in “Vampire High.” 

However, this was not the case when she was younger because Ory already started performing in theatre during her childhood but was forbidden from auditioning for film and television jobs by her mother. The latter also works as a drama teacher until she could afford her headshots. Meghan is also a successful author having penned the teen book series, Chronicles of the Girl Wars, in which Ory drew inspiration from the movie Mean Girls and her personal experiences when Meghan was still a high school student.

She would marry her husband John Reardon in 2008 and welcome their first child in 2018, and a daughter was born a year after. The couple had met on the set while shooting for the series Merlin’s Apprentice. They also got admitted to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art under Shakespearean Studies in 2012.

In 2013, Meghan participated in The From Scotland With Love Fashion Show in the city of New York as a runway model. As well as serving as a showcase for Scottish and Asian fashion designers, the event did its part for charities, pledging the sums of all the profits raised at the festival to the Wounded Warrior Project and the McConnell International Foundation. Meghan walked in an exquisite design created by British designer Vivienne Westwood at the event.

The TV star has received praise for her hot body. She has also done several shoots in a bikini and figures hugging outfits. This gallery contains curated images of Meghan Ory throughout her career as an actress. It includes snapshots of the beautiful bombshell and photos from magazine shoots and red-carpet events.

Sexy and Hot Meghan Ory Pictures

Sexy and Hot Meghan Ory Pictures
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