55 Sexy and Hot Meghan Markle Pictures

Meghan Markle was a former sexy American actress. She became the Duchess of Sussex by marriage in 2018. Let’s talk about her life in Hollywood before she married Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle is a mixed-race woman. Her father is Caucasian while her mother is an African American. Meghan grew up in Hollywood. She would often visit the set where her father shot some scenes. When she was six, her parents divorced.

Meghan Markle attended private schools at a very young age. She got her preschool education at the Hollywood Little Red Schoolhouse. When Markle was 11, she convinced Procter and Gamble to change a commercial on national television. According to her, the ad promotes sexism.

Markle is a protestant, but she enrolled in a Catholic school. After high school, Markle attended Northwestern University and graduated in 2003. During her university days, she joined a sorority group. Meghan also participated in community and charity services.

Before becoming the Duchess, Markle worked as a freelancer to support herself. At the same time, she appeared in a small role in a soap opera, General Hospital. Her character was a nurse. Markle also appeared as TV series guests in Century City, CSI: NY. When the Deal or No Deal became a show, she joined as one of the briefcase girls.

Markle struggled in landing prominent roles until her character in Suits. Her character Rachel Zane is a paralegal turned attorney. The show lasted for almost seven years. During her Hollywood days, Markle supported Hillary Clinton in a presidential run. She endorsed the candidate.

Markle married Trevor Engelson in 2011 and filed for divorce two years after. She continued to get roles for acting projects. However, Meghan didn’t manage to get big ones.

Instead, she founded a website discussing fashion and style. Meghan channeled her inner writer and wrote about food, beauty, and travel. She would often feature successful women worthy of inspiration. Reports say that Meghan earned a sizable income from advertisements and endorsements.

As her site grew, Meghan began to invite prominent people to talk about her niche. However, when Markle married the Prince, she closed her website, took down her articles, and deleted her social media accounts.

Her most significant role came in 2017 when she got engaged with Prince Harry. After a year, the two got married. After marriage, Markle retired from Hollywood and moved to London to start a new life as the Duchess of Sussex.

Markle’s destiny is more significant than life. It was evident when she was 11 years old. Her charm worked in her favor when she convinced a big company. Since then, Markle made an impact on the world, not on the silver screen but in more critical ways. We know Markle is a public figure at this moment, but we manage to salvage some excellent (in hot bikini) pics, showcasing how great her body is (ass, boobs, and everything).

Sexy and Hot Meghan Markle Pictures

Sexy and Hot Meghan Markle Pictures
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