60 Sexy and Hot Megan Fox Pictures

You might have known of the sexy and captivating Megan Fox from her roles in several blockbuster films, including the Transformers series and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

But before her fame, some critical moments of her life are worth knowing, including where the hot Megan Fox began.

At the age of five, she already expressed her interest in acting when she took both dance and drama lessons in Tennessee. While her parents’ marriage isn’t perfect because of a divorce, their family consisting of her mother, older sister, and stepfather stayed together and moved in St. Petersburg, Florida.

She continued her passion for acting when she turned 13. Aside from this, she also landed several modeling gigs and even joining several competitions. Her earliest recognition happened in 1999 at the American Modeling and Talent Convention.

Not everyone likes Fox’s inclination with acting. Her classmates in high school particularly discourage her from pursuing an acting career. But Fox never faltered. Instead, she wrapped up her school life by taking acting classes and lessons to prepare for her career.

In 2001, Holiday in the Sun became her debut. In the following year, she portrayed Ione Starr for Ocean Ave., a show that lasted for almost a year.

After her work as Ione Starr, she then appeared as Sydney Shanowski in a 2004 sitcom, Hope and Faith.

In 2007, a year after the sitcom finished airing, she received her first significant role as Mikaela Banes in a blockbuster movie, Transformers. This particular film showcased her fit body along with some glimpses of her ass.

As a follow-up to the first installment, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen went showing in cinemas in the year 2009, which. In this sequel, we got to see more of Fox’s improving fit body, her boobs, in particular, was terrific as always.

Fox’s voice is also in the films’ game counterparts. She also takes credit for voicing Lois Lane in 2012’s Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special.

Fox’s breakthrough role in the Transformers helped her to establish a name in Hollywood. In 2009, Fox became a zombie in the black comedy film, Jennifer’s Body.

She also appeared in a 2010 film, Jonah Hex as a prostitute with an unexpected pure soul.

Another blockbuster emergence that Fox experienced is when she starred as April O’Neil in 2014’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The movie is a live-action adaptation of the classic comic series. It has been loved by many, including this current generation.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, the most awaited sequel dropped in 2016, where Fox still plays the same role as before.

In the same year, Fox gained the opportunity to appear in the TV series New Girl. Her role as a pharmacist lasted for almost a year.

Her latest project is Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox, which premiered in 2018 with 1 season and four episodes. The show is about exploring ancient sites that are uncovered by experts and are now open to the public. Megan Fox is capable of wearing anything, from formal dresses to bikini, she can rock any outfit, which you can see in this curated album of Megan Fox’s best photos.

Sexy and Hot Megan Fox Pictures

Sexy and Hot Megan Fox Pictures
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