45 Sexy and Hot Maria Kanellis Pictures

The gorgeous Maria Kanellis got the attention of WWE fans when she won the Diva Search back in 2004. The former beauty queen may not have been at the top of the competition, but she still found a way to get to Raw by being a backstage interviewer. We are happy to present you titillating,Sexy and Hot Maria Kanellis Pictures.

As an interviewer, she’s bold enough to ask no-filter questions, from the obvious to the downright hurtful. If you’re into women with spunk, then a woman like Maria Kanellis is someone for you. She is a pretty straightforward woman who only responds to strength.

One of the most memorable moments of Maria Kanellis on WWE is when she fought Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. Her partner, Mike, was getting trashed. All of a sudden, she gets tapped to fight Becky Lynch in the ring. She then screams, “I’m pregnant!” and then proceeded to humiliate Mike for losing. This redhead is someone you don’t want to mess around. And quite frankly, that is hot.

Maria Kanellis was born in Ottawa, Illinois. Growing up, she was interested in sports such as volleyball, softball, and volleyball. She finished High School in Ottawa Township Highschool, and she became a student at Northern Illinois University. Her favorite wrestler is Shawn Michaels (we all do, right?). She dislikes Southwest and United airlines for some reason.

Het hotness is so overwhelming that Playboy asked her to appear in their magazine when she was 19. In the off chances that she’ll be a superhero, she prefers to be She-Hulk, Jean Grey, or Storm. Her brothers and cousins joined the U.S. military. She also used to date John Cena for almost a year. It didn’t last well because she can’t see him.

After those events in her life, Maria’s world expanded; into the ring. There was hesitation within her when she entered the ring, but eventually, she got the hang of it and enjoyed it thoroughly. In 2011, she left her company to search for the “perfect partner” only to find out that it was her husband all along.

They were present in WWE: Money In The Bank 2017, to show people of wrestling the power of love. Maria then moved to Raw with her husband Mike Bennett, where the then-pregnant Maria got her first title by pinning the 24/7 Champion. She has also won several wrestling championships during her career.

Maria Kanellis is someone you have to be careful around. She’s explosive, spontaneous, and, most of all, sexy. Her fights showcased her beautifully toned body, emphasizing the size and shape of her ass and boobs.

Here you’ll see different sexy photos of her wearing as little to nothing, like a bikini. With an attractive appearance and fiery spirit, Maria Kanellis will get anything that she wants.

Sexy and Hot Maria Kanellis Pictures