47 Sexy and Hot Maria Bello Pictures

Shifting from the TV scene to the big screen isn’t always easy and won’t always be a success for actors. However, Maria Bello did it with such grace. The film and TV actress is one of the most celebrated actresses in the entertainment industry.

Born in Pennsylvania, growing up wasn’t very easy for Maria Bello. Her mother got cancer but fortunately survived. At 20 years old, the actress got diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

However, Maria Bello is one of the most persistent and hardworking actresses in the industry, and no one and nothing is stopping her from getting success as an actress. Armed with her talent and unique beauty with a sexy body from her mixed Italian and Polish ethnicity, Maria Bello made a wave in the acting scene.

The actress made her on-screen debut in 1995 for the TV series on Fox Misery Loves Company. Although she only got a minor role in the show, it was an excellent start for the actress. The following year, she landed the leading role for a TV series in CBS, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, where she played as a female corporate spy.

Throughout the early years of her acting career, Maria Bello went back and forth in working on the big screen and television. The actress worked on the hospital drama series on NBC, ER. Although the show got booted after 13 episodes, Maria Bello showed impressive performance in the show. 

Her remarkable work on the show helped boost Maria Bello’s career, and soon enough, more acting projects came. 

After her early works on the television scene, Maria Bello went on to work on films. Her big-screen debut came in 1998 in the movie Permanent Midnight, which was a successful start in the actress’s first dip in the Hollywood scene. 

The next year, Maria Bello landed a part in Payback, where she portrayed the character of a hooker. Movie appearances continued for the actress. In 2000, she was part of the film Coyote Ugly, then appeared in China: The Panda Adventure the following year. 

In 2002, Maria Bello also landed a role for the movie Auto Focus, which put her name on the list of rapidly rising stars in Hollywood. She went on to work on numerous other films through the years, including Secret Window, A History of Violence, Thank You for Smoking, World Trade Center, Flicka, Shattered, Jane Austen Book Club, and The Mummy, among many others.

In 2009, Maria Bello further extended her movie credit working in films The Company Men and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. She then followed that with appearances in Grown Ups and The Yellow Handkerchief the following year.

Maria Bello also went back to the TV scene as a guest in the show Law & Order: SVU. 

Over the years, Maria Bello became a hot persona who graced countless films and TV shows. Her recent works include Touch, Prisoners, Demonic, Bravetown, Every Diary, and Giant Little Ones.

At 53 years old, Maria Bello achieved immense success in the acting world. However, she remains as vibrant and stunning as well. Look at her remarkable bikini photos that highlight her ample ass and boobs, and you’ll wonder how she stayed young-looking through the years.

Sexy and Hot Maria Bello Pictures