55 Sexy and Hot Maisie Williams Pictures

If you are looking for some great body inspirations, Maisie Williams is one hot body inspiration for you. We compiled several bikinis and other big ass photos of the actress to get you moving with your body goals. This gallery will have you swoon over Maisie Williams and her awesomely carved abs, boobs, and ass. Meanwhile, let’s get to know more about the GOT actress with our researched information about her.

Maisie Williams or Margaret Constance Williams is an English actress born in Bristol on April 15, 1997, and is the youngest among four siblings. She rose to stardom with her role as Arya Stark in HBO’s series The Game of Thrones. Maisie grew up in Clutton, Somerset, and later attended school in Midsomer, Norton.

The Game of Thrones introduced Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in 2011. The actress fit the role just fine as she got the part among the 300 other hopefuls. As she got more accessible to the public, Maisie got many nominations, including the Best Supporting Actress and Best Young Actor at the Portal Awards, and even won both awards. HBO submitted her in the Emmy’s for Outstanding Supporting Actress. However, the Emmy’s did not consider the actress for nomination.

Other than the GOT series, she got offers from other movies and series. She played Loren Caleigh in the series called The Secret of Crickley Hall. She also appeared in some independent films like Heatstroke and Gold in 2012 and 2013, respectively. In 2015, she appeared in the movie called The Falling and the docu-drama called Cyberbully.

Her latest work was the animated series called gen: LOCK. She starred in the series’ voice cast named Cammie MacCloud along with other stars like Dakota Fanning and Michael B. Jordan. She was also in the film Then Came You, which also starred Nina Dobrev.

Her latest work will be in Marvel’s The New Mutants. She will play Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair, a mutant who can turn into a wolf and has issues with her religious beliefs. It will be in the US on April 3, 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the release was moved to later this year. There are also plans for her to star in the thriller movie entitled The Owners.

Her excellent acting skills have donned her to one of the best young actresses these past years. However, the young actress also made sure that acting is not only her skills – she is also an online entrepreneur. Williams has an online company called Daisy Chain Productions in 2016 with partner Dom Santry. The company develops and produces short films and theatrical features of UK origin. The first production’s title was Stealing Silver.

Sexy and Hot Maisie Williams Pictures

Sexy and Hot Maisie Williams Pictures
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