42 Sexy and Hot Maggie Lawson Pictures

Margaret Cassidy Lawson captured the hearts of many in her sexy portrayal of Juliet O’Hara in USA Network’s Psych. She started her acting career in the year 1996, and since then, she steadily grew and secured leading roles in her recent projects.

Lawson spent her childhood in Louisville, Kentucky. She grew up together with her mother and her father, a hotel manager. She had a decent academic life, enrolling in Assumption High School upon graduating from her grade school.

At the age of 8, Lawson already displayed a talent for performing. It leads to her becoming the host of the local TV show Kid’s Club that was broadcasted by WDRB Fox 41.

She found her real purpose when she moved to Los Angeles, and in 2011, she had a chance to star in a theatrical play Greedy. In her early career, she scored appearances in several TV shows, including Cybill, Boy Meets World, Home Improvement, Smallville, Fear Itself, It’s All Relative, and Crumbs.

Lawson got an invitation from Disney channel to star in their show, Model Behavior. Here, she had the chance to co-star with the now-famous pop singer, Justin Timberlake. In 2002, she took the lead role for the film Nancy Drew, and starred in more movies, as well.

Her first appearance on USA Network’s Psych started in 2006 and ended in 2014. Her almost decade-old character of Detective Juliet O’Hara has been loved by many. Due to popularity, Psych: The Movie dropped in 2017, which recast Lawson for the detective’s role once again. She also appeared in the movie’s sequel that aired in 2020.

Lawson’s popularity and demand rose after she played for Psych. Here are some of the series she starred on as the leading role; Back In The Game, Angel From Hell, Two And A Half Men, and The Great Indoors.

Lawson also secured three projects under Netflix, namely, Santa Clarita Diet, The Ranch, and Spivak. The Hallmark channel also hired Lawson to star in some of their series, including My Favorite Wedding, Christmas Encore, The Story of Us, and Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy.

Aside from her recent channel exclusive projects, Lawson also appeared in Lethal Weapon, Hulu’s Into The Dark, and Fox’s Outmatched. Lawson’s flexibility and versatility to play different roles in different networks are remarkable and impresses many of her fans.

Lawson’s love for animals leads her to help establish the Tiger Frances Foundation. The LA organization focuses on conducting animal rescue operations within the vicinity.

Despite being always busy, Lawson never let her body to deprecate. In fact, at the age of 39, her boobs and ass still look youthful like before. Since you’re here, suit yourself with our best Maggie Lawson bikini and full-body photos compilation that would make you think that they are from paradise.

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