51 Sexy and Hot Maggie Grace Pictures

With the impressive beauty, sexy body, and incredible talent of Maggie Grace, it’s not surprising that she entered the entertainment industry quickly and amassed quite the success. The American actress appeared in both television and films throughout the years.

Born in Colombus, Ohio, as Margaret Grace Denig, her parents separated when she was 16 years old. It led the actress to live with her mother. While at school, Margaret Grace was an enthusiastic part of the community theater. However, she dropped out, and together with her mother, they relocated to Los Angeles.

The move was an excellent start for the acting career of the actress. Only a week after they moved to the city, Maggie Grace already got an agent, then went on to improve her skills by going to acting classes. She got her on-screen debut in 2001 when she landed a role in the video series Rachel’s Room. The following year, she got another part for the series Septuplets. However, the show got booted even before the first episode came out on TV.

Fortunately, Maggie Grace’s career continued to flourish. That same year, the actress got a breakout role in the TV film Murder in Greenwich. Maggie Grace’s performance in the movie received immense praise, then earned her the best performance award.

As much as she has a shining face and hot body, Maggie Grace’s acting career is also shining brightly. She appeared in various TV shows and movies over the years. The actress appeared in TV series such as Law and Order, Life Family, The Lyon’s Den, Cold Case, Twelve-Mile Road, and Creature Unknown.

Her impressive performance, especially on television, led Maggie Grace to be one of the well-known people in the industry. At some point, Variety named her as one of the top actresses to watch. 

Aside from her acting talent, Maggie Grace’s beauty didn’t go unnoticed. Publications like Maxim and FHM ranked her in their list of hot female figures in the industry. You’ll know why the actress got such distinction when you look at her bikini photos that show her shapely ass and boobs.

Over the years, Maggie Grace’s acting career continued to flourish. In 2004, she guest-starred in Nobody’s Watching and two spoof videos in the TV series Lost. She also appeared in several movies, such as the box-office hit The Twilight Saga and Taken.

Aside from her projects, fans of Maggie Grace also look for updates on her busy love life. Between 2006 and 2007, she was in a relationship with Ian Somerhalder, whom she worked with during the series Lost.

Shortly after the two called it quits, she started dating the philanthropist and entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie. The two broke up in 2009, and three years later, the actress had a relationship with the writer and director Matthew Cooke. They got engaged in 2015 but separated the following year.

The next year, the Maggie Grace broke the news of her engagement with her manager, Brent Bushnell, then the two married a few months later.

Sexy and Hot Maggie Grace Pictures