60 Sexy and Hot Madelaine Petsch Pictures

You may know Madelaine Petsch from the redhead girl in the series Riverdale, one of her most famous roles so far that brought her so much fame. She’s got a pretty face and a hot body with impressive acting skills that made a lot of people love watching her on TV.

The actress was born in Washington, although her parents are initially from South Africa. Throughout the years, her family didn’t settle in the US. Instead, they get back and forth between the two countries.

Since childhood, Madelaine Petsch already has an enthusiastic interest in performing arts. At three years old, she started to attend a dance school. The following year, she also joined a couple of theater classes. 

Madelaine Petsch is hard to miss with her red hair. However, when she was younger, she and her brother faced extreme bullying because of that. But that didn’t stop her from thriving for what would be a great career in the acting world.

In her teenage years, Madelaine Petsch concentrated in school theaters, graduated at an art school, then attended Tacoma School of Arts. After graduation, she decided to move to LA to get more opportunities in professional acting.

However, the transition wasn’t perfect for Madelaine Petsch. Before landing roles on the small and the big screen, she worked at restaurants and coffee shops to support herself. One of her stint before becoming a professional actress was to audition in Coca Cola’s nationwide campaign in 2014.

That proved to be an excellent start for Madelaine Petsch’s career. After becoming the face of the Coca Cola campaigned, contracts started falling on her lap. In the same year, she got a small role in the independent horror movie The Hive. 

The following year, she was in the Nickelodeon kid’s sitcom Instant Mom for the episode Gone Batty.

In 2016, she landed a role for the controversial TV movie The Curse of Sleeping Beauty. That same year, Madelaine Petsch also received an invitation to audition for Riverdale. Although she only read the line for a minor character, she later landed the leading role, playing as Cheryl Blossom. The TV series gained a lot of success and popularity, bringing Madelaine Petsch’s acting career to new heights as well.

Riverdale’s success went worldwide, so did the actress’ popularity. Her sexy body and beautiful face didn’t go out without recognition as well. The actress’ role as a manipulative and wealthy girl in the series also earned Madelaine Petsch various acting awards.

In two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018, she got the Teen Choice Awards’ Choice Hissy Fit. She got 2018 MTV Movies & TV Awards’ Scene Stealer award as well.

That same year, Madelaine Petsch also appeared in the supernatural horror film Polaroid. Her other movie credits are F the Prom in 2016 and Clare at 16, where she was also the executive producer. Her flourishing acting career is proof enough that Madelaine Petsch is not just pretty ass and boobs. She’s an intelligent actress as well, although she got blessed with the looks. Here are some bikini photos of the actress that proves she’s got it all.

Sexy and Hot Madelaine Petsch Pictures

Sexy and Hot Madelaine Petsch Pictures
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