54 Sexy and Hot Lynn Collins Pictures

May 16, 1977, was Viola Lynn Collins’s birthdate. She was from Houston, Texas, and claimed to have Scottish, English, Irish, and Cherokee ancestry.  Even though she is an American actress, she spent her childhood in Singapore. 

During the summers in her youth, her family would go to Japan, so that her parents can level up their dan for karate. 

During a Christmas pageant, Lynn played as Mrs. Claus. It was the times when she found her acting passion. 

Lynn Collins attended Klein High School and Singapore American School. She finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Julliard school.

Despite her hot photos, Lynn revealed that she is a spiritual person. Her family raised her in a strict Southern Baptist faith. 

She became involved in a four-year relationship with Steven Strait until they married in 2007. However, it ended up in separation in 2013. 

In 2014, she married Matthew Boyle, whom she has a son. 

Seeing Lynn in her bikini photos, you would not think that she had a tough start in Hollywood. She started her career playing minor roles and appearances, where onlookers never credited her for them. 

Her first appearance was in Law and Order: Special Victims Unite as Virginia Hayes. She also played the role of Catarin in a TV film, Earth Angels. Her other TV shows, where she played minor characters, are Push, Nevada, and the Education of Mas Bickford. 

The TV series that provided her the most extended appearances is the Frequent, where she played the role of Jessica Manning. 

Her film debut was when she played the role of Stacy in Never Get Outta the Boat in 2002, which did not succeed. She also appeared on recognizable movies such as 13 Going on 30 and the 50 First Dates. However, nobody recognized her roles in these films. 

Because she busted her ass in Hollywood, her success began. Her character for the Merchant of Venice provided the life-changing path of her career, which earned her acknowledgment and recognition from people and commentators. Her role here garnered her a nomination in the 9th Golden Satellite Awards as the Best Supporting Actress – Musical or Comedy. 

Her Hollywood career skyrocketed when she took the role of a Martian princess, Dehah Thoris, in the movie John Carter. Her role as Kayla Silverfox in X-Men Origins: Wolverine got her a nomination for the 11th Teen Choice Award as a Fresh Face in the female category. 

Aside from these movies, she also played prominent roles in the TV series Manhunt Unabomber and True Blood. She also appeared in plays Hamlet, and Romeo and Juliet. 

Hopefully, her career in Hollywood soars more because she has what it takes. Even though without Lynn’s boobs’ pictures, you have to agree that Lynn is gorgeous and persistent. 

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