46 Sexy and Hot Lynda Carter Pictures

There is no one much more beautiful and sexier than the original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter. 

At 68 years old, Lynda Carter remains to be a sexy persona and one of the most celebrated actresses in Hollywood. She’s a truly remarkable and talented artist. Lynda Carter is a woman of many talents. She’s an actress, beauty pageant titleholder, model, singer, and songwriter.

Before becoming Wonder Woman in the series that aired from 1975 to 1979, she was first the darling in the pageant world. Lynda Carter was 1972’s Miss World America.

However, she started what would be decades of career in Hollywood in Lew King’s Talent Show when she was only five. Lynda Carter also performed in the band Just Us during high school and later joined another group, The Relatives, when the actress turned 16. They performed in various lounges and casinos before she attended Arizona State University.

Then, she dropped out of college to chase her music career. Lynda Carter played with The Garfin Gathering in 1970. However, there wasn’t much for her in the music scene. 

In 1972, Lynda Carter started joining the pageant world, first in the local beauty contest in Arizona. She won the competition, then later took home the crown for Miss World USA, which earned her a level of fame. 

A few acting classes later, Lynda Carter made her acting debut in the Roots of Anger episode of the drama series Nakia in 1974. She followed it with a couple more appearances on the TV scene and in other B movies. 

However, the breakthrough for Lynda Carter in the acting world came after she landed the lead role for the series Wonder Woman. The show lasted three seasons, and the actress became well-known for her earnest portrayal of the superhero.

On the other hand, being Wonder Woman wasn’t all good for the actress. In the end, she detested how the superhero persona was being in a market for a woman with only hot ass and boobs. 

However, through the years, Lynda Carter proved her talent, not only in acting but singing as well. She released her album, Portrait, late in the 1970s. Lynda Carter co-wrote some of her songs as well.

After her portrayal as Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter went back to the TV scene for her musical specials, including the 1980’s Lynda Carter’s Special and Encore, among others. 

Her other works include the lead role for the 1983 film Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess, 1984 Tv series Partners in Crime, and the 1989 TV film Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All. 

Lynda Carter’s career continued to flourish in the 2000s. She hosted an episode of a BBC2 series “I Love the 70’s,” and appeared in Super Troopers the following year. 

Other appearances of the actress include the Dukes of Hazzard, Sky High, Slayer, and Smallville. She also went on to release a couple more albums. 

Lynda Carter is truly an iconic artist with an impressive figure and beauty that only got better with time. Here are some remarkable bikini photos of the original Wonder Woman.

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