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Let’s open this up by saying that the collection of Sexy and Hot Lucy Punch Pictures we have put together is … welll …. punchy!!

Some people might think Lucy Punch made up her screen name, but the actress laughingly assured her fans in an interview that it was her real one. This sexy, funny actress has established herself as someone who plays nasty roles. In reality, she even revels in playing those kinds of characters everybody loves to hate. 

Lucy Punch lived in Hammersmith, London, for most of her childhood. She entered a private school for girls, Godolphin and Latymer School, and there found her love for acting. She joined the National Youth Theatre for a few years before enrolling at University College London. The actress did not finish her degree and decided to pursue acting instead.

Her first appearance on television is on the American series The New Adventures of Robin Hood. She showed up in several episodes of the teen sitcom Renford Rejects, the British remake Days Like These, the sitcom Let Them Eat Cake, and the fantasy series Let Them Eat Cake.

Other notable television credits to her name are Doc Martin, the medical comedy-drama, and The Class, another American sitcom. By the point, the hot British star had already moved to Los Angeles. Fortunately for her, producers cast her for a role in Woody Allen’s 2010 film, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. It was a part supposedly for A-lister Nicole Kidman, but the latter dropped out of filming.

Her portrayal of a sleazy and high-maintenance prostitute garnered her more prominence in the entertainment industry. Lucy Punch excels in vulgar roles, and the little exposure of her lovely boobs and ass was a great addition to her character. The actress is notable for being the ugly sister on film. 

She played this role in the British television movie Cinderella, the romantic comedy Ella Enchanted, and the musical fantasy Into the Woods. The last two films received mostly positive reviews and were commercial successes.

Lucy Punch’s most recent works include the black comedy series A Series of Unfortunate Events and the British sitcom Motherland. In the first one, her outfits were so outlandish, but one cannot help but be amazed by her character, the beautiful and wealthy Esme Squalor. It is too bad the critically-acclaimed show had already wrapped up in 2019.

The actress has a net worth of 3 million dollars. She is active in both the American and British entertainment industry. She has a son named Rex, but Lucy Punch has refrained from naming the father of her child.

Her last appearance on the big screen was in 2018, so we hope to see more of Lucy Punch in the next few years, ugly sister or not. While waiting, feel free to browse our collection of carefully curated bikini photos of this stunning blonde.

Sexy and Hot Lucy Punch Pictures