59 Sexy and Hot Lucy Pinder Pictures

Lucy Pinder is an ultimate babe. This well-known, top-heavy vixen from Winchester, Hampshire, has a beautiful body. You will appreciate her to the fullest in the below gallery of Sexy and Hot Lucy Pinder Pictures.

Lucy came to prominence after a freelance photographer discovered her as a model. She then went on to appear in several publications and men’s magazines such as FHM, Loaded Nuts, and the Daily Star.

Glamor models are known to be heavy-hitters when it comes to attractiveness and beauty, but Lucy Pinder is way above the charts. A busty woman like her gets flocked by men daily. To avoid that kind of hassle, we’ve devised a plan so that you can admire her easily. We’ve compiled the hottest and sexiest photos of Lucy Pinder, and to be honest, she has quite a lot. With a sexy lady like her, you’ll never be satisfied; you will only crave for more.

Lucy Katherine Pinder was born on December 20, 1983. A native of Winchester, Hampshire, England, U.K., she became famous when she joined the Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2009 as a housemate. She was the first housemate to be voted away, with a public vote of 57%. Lucy Pinder declared her request to depart from the house due to the unceasing rap made by other housemates.

Back in 2015, the busty brunette was involved in rumors that she was dating Chris Evans, with the claims that Lucy was ‘smitten by him.’ Their relationship was not confirmed, but the British glamor model was spotted dating Captain America at Disneyland back in January 2015. That same year, she starred in the thriller film LiveJustine (2015), as Justine, a webcam girl who victimizes a robust business person through blackmailing. It was her first time to be cast for a primary role.

This Winchester girl was working as a secretary when she was 19. That was the time when a freelance photographer discovered her for a Bournemouth Beach model. Lucy Pinder was sunbathing when a photographer approached her. She was wearing a black bra. And guess what? Those pictures got posted in the Daily Star newspaper.

She appeared in several films such as Strippers vs. Werewolves (2012), The Seventh Kind (2014), Age of Kill (2015), Warrior Savitri (2015), A Suburban Lifestyle (2017), and Fanged Up (2017). She also participates in some charity works like Help for Heroes, a charity to help British army veterans who got injured or wounded while doing their duties.

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Sexy and Hot Lucy Pinder Pictures