48 Sexy and Hot Lucy Liu Pictures

The bold and hot performance of Lucy Liu as one of Charlie’s Angels will forever remain as a classic. Liu is part of the original trio who portrayed in the live-action film adaptation of the said project. If you loved the character, you will also crave for the Sexy and Hot Lucy Liu Pictures we have compiled at the bottom of this post.

Lucy Liu grew up with her hard-working parents and siblings in New York. Her parents originally came from Beijing, China, before they decided to migrate to the United States.

Liu lived in a diverse environment, and even though she grew up in America, she never failed to learn Mandarin as well as English.

The Chinese actress had an exciting academic life. Liu never attended in any theater or drama schools even when she was little. She graduated with a degree in Asian languages and cultures from the University of Michigan.

Liu took part in the 1998 TV series, Ally McBeal. Her performance got the attention of critics, including award-giving bodies, which have given her different nominations in various categories.

Liu emerged in the film industry when she appeared in the cast of Payback, a 1999 film.

In 2000, she began her Hollywood venture when she starred in Charlie’s Angels, her most recognized role up to date. Her portrayal of O-Ren Ishii in the 2003 film Kill Bill can also become a contender for her iconic role. Both characters require a sexy actress to portray them correctly, and as we can see with Liu’s bikini body, she’s the ideal one for both.

More of her notable works and performances include Chicago, a 2002 film, and DreamWorks’ franchise, Kung Fu Panda. In the animated series, Liu played as Master Viper since the first installment of the franchise.

Aside from doing massive action roles, she’s still capable of bringing back her comedy character charisma, which she displayed in the 2008 ABC TV series Cashmere Mafia.

In 2012, she appeared as Jessica Tang in Southland, which brought her another recognition for the Best Drama Guest Actress, which was given to her by Critics’ Choice Television Award.

Her latest works include the Sherlock Holmes-themed TV series, Elementary. She plays the award-winning role of Joan Watson, which won the Best Actress Award that was given by the Seoul International Drama Award. Liu continued voice acting in Disney’s Tinker Bell films as Silvermist.

Liu is also capable of directing, which she did on several productions including, Law and Order, Luke Cage, Graceland, and her latest series, Elementary.

Lucy Liu’s is a one of a kind actress that doesn’t limit herself to what everyone’s expecting from her. Liu’s initiative to do directing is also an impressive feat to pull off, that only a few actors are capable.

In her career history, Lucy Liu had a lot of daring roles, which populates most of our collection. Take a peek on our best boobs and ass photo compilation of Lucy Liu.

Sexy and Hot Lucy Liu Pictures