41 Sexy and Hot Linda Hamilton Pictures

Thank God for this stunning actress! For today’s topic, we will be focusing on a beautiful woman who has been creating magic through her beauty since the 1980s. This Hollywood star became known for her fantastic body and unique acting skills. We are talking about the one and only Linda Hamilton. 

During her younger years, Linda Hamilton became one of the prominent stars in her generation. Some people admire her not only for her hot and sexy bikini photos but also for the amazing ass and boobs figure. We know that our readers want to get to know Hamilton better. So, without further ado, let us begin the discussion!

Linda Caroll Hamilton is a professional American actress who was born on the 26th of September, 1956, at the Old Line State, Salisbury, Mayland. Her father died when Hamilton is only five years old. The actress has an identical twin sister named Leslie Hamilton Gearren, an older sister and a younger brother. According to Hamilton, she usually spends her spare time reading books when she was a kid. She also said that she grew up in a dull family.

During her secondary education, Hamilton studied at Wicomico High School, located in their hometown. Afterward, she spent her two years studying at Washington College, a private liberal arts college located in Maryland. Hamilton decided to move to New York City to finish her acting studies. According to Hamilton, her professor told her that there is no hope that she could be a successful actress.  

Linda Hamilton started appearing on television last December 1980. She made her professional acting debut in an American nighttime soap opera called Secrets of Midland Heights, which aired on CBS until January 1981. She made her film debut last 1982 in an American movie called TAG: The Assassination Game.

After three years, Linda Hamilton got the leading role in a 1984 supernatural horror film called Children of the Corn, which earned 14 million dollars at the box office. After a few months, she appeared in a science fiction film called The Terminator as the opposite of Michael Biehn.

During the 1990s, the gorgeous actress returned to the big screen with the sequel of Terminator called Terminator 2: Judgement Day. This movie smashed the box office and earned over five hundred million dollars. According to Hamilton, she underwent intense physical training for the character’s transformation for the second film. It is also where her twin sister, Leslie, appeared as Linda’s double.

Some of the blockbuster movies of Hamilton in the 21st century are Silent Night, Jonah, According to Jim, The Secret Life of Girl, Smile, Broken, Hard Times, Refuge, and Terminator Dark Fate.

Regarding Hamilton’s personal life, she has been married and separated twice. Her first husband was Bruce Abbott (1982 to 1989), and her second husband was James Cameron (1997 – 1999).