51 Sexy and Hot Lilly Singh Pictures

Lilly Singh is a sexy comedian, writer, rapper, motivational speaker, and late-night talk show host, who started in the industry as a YouTuber. Now with over 14 million subscribers on the video-sharing platform, she has become more than just an internet sensation. Her reported net worth is over $16 million.

This Canadian native is known for her hilarious parodies, observational videos, and skits that tackle topics ranging from current news to pop culture. She also never fails to pay tribute to her Indian roots by incorporating bits and pieces of culture and tradition in her material. In the past, she has also collaborated with several celebrities like James Franco, Priyanka Chopra, Dwayne Johnson, Seth Rogan, and Selena Gomez.

Lilly’s brand of comedy is strong and straightforward. She is a hot commodity not just for her exotic beauty, but also for her commitment to living a creative life. Her career is so much more than just about getting laughs. She gives her commentary about the goings-on in the world through her own witty and relatable humor. Not to mention, she’s a fantastic rapper with an excellent command of her audience.

After a decade since she first launched her YouTube career, she has joined the ranks of the highest-paid YouTube personalities in the world. She knows how to play with humor to reel in audiences and get them hooked without using sex as bait. And although she isn’t afraid to unleash her seductive side every once in a while, she doesn’t use it overtly to get attention.

Lilly Singh doesn’t have to flaunt herself in a bikini to make people notice her. And given her conservative roots, you won’t see her showing off her boobs or shaking her ass inappropriately anytime soon. She could be in a lehenga and still manage to exude the right amount of sexiness.

Even at an early age, Lilly knew she wanted to be a performer. If she wasn’t acting out skits, she was giving out hip-hop performances in front of everyone. And unlike the typical kids her age, Lilly didn’t want to be a doctor, scientist, or engineer. She knew she wanted to change the world, but through more creative and artistic pursuits.

Lilly studied at York University and graduated with a psychology degree. But beyond a university diploma, she’s accomplished so much more. Her comedic pursuits online are what paved the way for her to star in her late-night talk show called “A Little Late With Lilly.” This career milestone shattered boundaries and stereotypes, as she became the first bisexual woman of color ever to land a talk show slot at a major network.

Lilly Singh is truly a woman of substance.  She expresses her beauty by embracing her funny side and using it to empower herself and the world around her.

Sexy and Hot Lilly Singh Pictures