59 Sexy and Hot Li Bingbing Pictures

The sexy Chinese celebrity has been in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years, and Li Bingbing is one of the most popular actresses in her country. Unlike other artists, the lovely star had no plans to become an actress when younger. Instead, she wanted to become a teacher.

However, Li Bingbing found her passion for acting after high school, which led her to enroll in the Shanghai Theater Academy, a school dedicated to dramatic arts education. Her breakthrough film debut was the drama Seventeen Years. The critically acclaimed movie won numerous awards, including the Director’s Award at the prestigious Venice Film Festival.

Most of her early works focused on Chinese films, but she has recently shown up in American movies in the past few years. One of her shows includes the box-office hit, Resident Evil: Retribution. Many Asian flicks focus on fast-paced scenes, and Li Bingbing got to display her skills in this action horror film.

She also appeared on another commercially successful movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction. This installment grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. Unfortunately, we did not get to see her on any of the subsequent films.

Though Li Bingbing has taken on mature roles throughout her extensive career, she has never fully bared her boobs or ass in front of the camera. However, we can see her fantastic figure in whatever outfit she wears, especially when doing yoga. The gorgeous actress has also graced the covers of several magazines, showing off her perfect assets.

This beautiful Chinese actress has an estimated net worth of 80 million dollars. Though she has several big movies in the Hollywood scene, the majority of her works happen in her native country. Li Bingbing is still in the marriage market, but the Asian celebrity has been dating a non-showbiz man since 2018. 

Businessman Hsu Wen Nan is 18 years younger than the star, but the two are still going secure in their relationship. Early in 2020, malicious rumors surfaced that the guy was blackmailing her into giving him money for his investment debts. However, her management agency has swiftly released an official announcement condemning the perpetrators of those rumors.

The hot couple may still be enjoying their time together, and engagement bells are not in the picture yet. But we hope that the talented actress gets to experience her happily ever after soon. 

Li Bingbing’s last appearance in a Hollywood movie is 2018’s sci-fi film, The Meg. She may have some upcoming projects in her native country, but we are excited to see her back on the international scene. While waiting, feel free to browse through our extensive collection of bikini photos of this ageless beauty.

Sexy and Hot Li Bingbing Pictures