43 Sexy and Hot Leighton Meester Pictures

From getting involved in the local playhouse, Leighton Meester became one of the most famous names in the entertainment industry.

Although she was born in Texas, the actress spent most of her childhood years in Florida, where she lived with her grandparents. During that time, Leighton Meester became fascinated with performing and got enthusiastically involved with the local playhouse. Her stage debut was in the production of the classic The Wizard of Oz.

However, when she was 11 years old, the actress went to live her mother in New York, where she ventured into a different industry. Leighton Meester began modeling shortly after her move in the city. Before long, her pretty face started gracing various TV commercials. 

At 14 years old, the mother and daughter duo relocated to Los Angeles, where they settled. This change in scenery brought another opening to the young Leighton Meester, this time in the TV scene. Her television debut was in 1999 when she joined the cast of Law & Order: Disciple. 

The part proved to be an excellent start for the actress in the TV scene as projects started to come for her. Her early TV appearances include Boston Public in 2001, followed by Once and Again the following year. In 2003, Leighton Meester also joined the cast of Family Affair.

Her TV roles allowed the public, critics, and directors to discover the promising talent of the actress. Soon, she got her film debut in the 2003 horror movie Hangman’s Curse, where she played as Elisha Springfield. That same year, Leighton Meester also appeared in Tarzan, although the TV series got booted after eight episodes.

In the following years, the actress made several appearances on TV shows, including The Big Bad World of Car Laemke. In 2004, she worked in several TV series, such as North Shore, 7th Heaven, and Jordan. The work on the TV scene for the actress didn’t slow down as she appeared in a few other series the following year, Veronica Mars, 24, Surface, and 8 Simple Rules. 

In 2006, Leighton Meester did two feature movies, Inside and Flourish, then followed with an appearance in Shark and CSI: Miami the following year.

However, the breakthrough role for Leighton Meester that brought her immense fame was a leading part of the show Gossip Girl. She starred as Blair Waldorf in the TV series, which aired from 2007 to 2012, six seasons of success for the series and the cast. This portrayal also earned Leighton Meester a couple of awards and even more nominations.

Aside from being a successful and immensely hot actress, Leighton Meester is also a talented singer. She recorded a song for the soundtrack of the 2007 movie Drive-Thru, then released a single in 2009, followed by a second single the following year.

To date, Leighton Meester remains to be a beautiful face and hot body that is gracing the TV scene. Her recent works include the comedy TV series Making History, The Last Man on Earth, and Single Parents.

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