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Lea Thompson is a popular American actress that appeared in several films and TV series. She is multitalented: an actress, a dancer, a television director, and a producer. Her most iconic involvement is her portrayal of Lorraine Baines McFly, the love interest of George McFly in the blockbuster trilogy Back to The Future (1985). She also starred in Jaws 3-D (1983), Red Dawn (1984), and Howard The Duck (1986).

One of her most memorable moments in the industry was with Tom Cruise in the film All The Right Moves (1983). Tom Cruise stood up for his co-star Lea Thompson when the producers wanted Lea to go topless for a scene. Tom Cruise managed to talk them out of the naked scene, and it sure did work. 

Lea Kathrine Thompson is a native of Rochester, Minnesota, USA. Born on May 31, 1961, she is a combination of different ancestries: English, German, Dutch, and Scottish-Irish. Her parents are Clifford Elwin and Barbara Anne; Lea is their youngest child among the four siblings. She has experienced poverty; she and her siblings used to accommodate just a room in the Starlight Motel.

Things got better for them eventually when her father secured a job and relocated them to Minneapolis. She is now married to her husband Howard Deutch and is a mother of two lovely ladies, Madelyn Deutch and Zoe Deutch.

As a talented actress, she achieved several accomplishments, such as the Young Artis Awards in 1987, the Kid’s Choice Awards in 1990, People’s Choice Awards in 1995, and the American Movie Awards in 2014. Now that we have enough idea of Lea Thompson’s interests, career, and personal life, let’s proceed to the main event.

She is indeed a timeless beauty. Her looks in her performances during her 20’s were fantastic. Lea Thompson is one of those beautiful women in the 80s that drove men crazy. Her lovely physique highlighted the best parts of her body: her ass, her boobs, and especially her face. Lea Thompson is hot, either young or middleaged.

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