48 Sexy and Hot Lea Michele Pictures

From supporting a friend in an audition, Lea Michele went home with an acting role and a promising career ahead of her.

Born in the Bronx as Lea Michele Sarfati, the young girl possesses a uniquely beautiful face, which is from her mixed Sephardi Jewish and Italian ancestry. Starting from very early in her childhood, Lea Michele already participated in various school programs, especially when sports and singing were involved.

When she was only eight years old, the actress and singer went with a friend to audition in Les Miserables in 1995. Initially, Lea Michele only entered as a support to her friend. However, when she came home from the audition, the actress already bagged a role in the production. 

Later, she appeared in several other theatrical shows, such as Ragtime and Fiddler on the Roof. At 14 years old, the actress got an offer to be part of Spring Awakening’s musical version. In her two years with the show, the actress got massive acclaim from critics and received an outstanding musical actress award.

Late in 2008, Lea Michele was in for an acting breakthrough, which would later make her a household named. She highlighted her talent in acting and singing when the actress landed the leading role for the TV series Glee, which started airing in 2009. Her portrayal of the character of Rachel Berry in the show made her famous worldwide, then earning her tons of praises and awards later on.

In 2011, Lea Michele’s acting career got as much praise as her beauty and hot body. Various publications like AfterEllen, FHM, and Maxim named her one of the sexiest or hottest women in the world. When you look at her bikini photos, you’ll know why, as this talented singer has a voluptuous body with shapely ass and boobs.

However, she’s not only a pretty face and a remarkable figure.

Over the years, Lea Michele went on to work on several other projects, both on television and the big screen. She also ventured into hosting, and in 2012, the actress was the host during the charity auction of the Valspar Hand for Habitat. Late in the year, Lea Michele also became the brand ambassador for the Women of Worth program of L’Oreal.

The following year, Lea Michele got another hosting gig with the Feed America launch in Target stores. In 2014, the actress focused more on her music, releasing her debut album through Columbia Records. That same year, she was a voice actress for the animated movie The Legend of Oz.

In 2015, Lea Michele went back on the TV screen, joining the cast of the horror-comedy series Scream Queens. Two years later, she released another studio album after she has been in three different concert tours since 2010.

In 2019, the actress married her long-time boyfriend, and they are expecting their first child in April.

Meanwhile, check out some sexy Lea Michele photos that highlight her unique beauty.

Sexy and Hot Lea Michele Pictures