51 Sexy and Hot Lauren Southern Pictures

This sexy, outspoken Canadian first hit the new in 2015 with her brazen political views. Lauren Southern’s YouTube account has a total of 60 million views. During her prime, the activist regularly posts her opinions on social media, unafraid of backlash from other people.

This young woman took up a degree in political science at the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. However, she only finished two years before dropping out as she believed she could obtain the necessary life information on her own without paying for college. 

In 2015, Lauren Southern ran for office during the Canadian federal election. However, she placed last in the votes, and the then-twenty year old pursued a different path in politics.

Lauren Southern has spoken up about various causes, most notably the refugee and immigrant crisis in North America. She has even released a video and a documentary about this topic on YouTube.

The hot blonde is also vocal about her views regarding gender and sexuality. She is an opponent of LGBTQ, visibly protesting against the concept of having more than two genders. In a Vancouver rally in 2015, an assailant poured a mysterious liquid over her head. Fortunately, it did not result in any lasting or scarring physical damage.

Lauren Southern had scheduled tours in Australia and New Zealand. However, she has faced challenges from those who opposed her views. Though the Australian tour took place at an intimate venue, the New Zealand one never came to fruition.

The stunning celebrity is also a strong proponent of the white nationalist conspiracy theory. She is against the concept of multiculturalism as the activist believes it only promotes segregation. Lauren Southern is a white nationalist, and her YouTube videos helped popularize this theory on social media.

As for religion, Lauren Southern initially stated she is not a Christian. However, recent circumstances in her life have led her to rediscover her faith. She posted a lengthy message about this topic on her Instagram account.

Since she retired from political activism in 2019, the beautiful celebrity has kept quiet about her private life. However, recent snippets from her Instagram show that Lauren Southern is enjoying family life. She has an adorable little child. The identity of her husband is unknown, and she makes sure to hide the face of her kid.

We wish her happiness in her personal life. It seems like she is trying out other hobbies, like rifle shooting. If she wants to make a comeback, whether it be in politics or entertainment, she has a solid group of fans to support her. 

Whatever she chooses, the blonde bombshell will kick ass. For the time being, enjoy browsing through this collection of bikini photos to see the gorgeous boobs of Lauren Southern.