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Lauren Sanchez came from New Mexico, USA. Sanchez spent most of her time in a hangar while her father worked. This childhood past-time gave way to her interest in aviation. The Sexy and Hot Lauren Sanchez Pictures we have below will provide youwith a great sense of her beauty and presence.

After high school, Sanchez attended El Camino College. She joined the college newspaper and became a contributor.  Sanchez received a scholarship for the University of Southern California. She graduated with a degree in communications. Sanchez worked as an intern while studying at the university. Her internship exposed her to the TV industry.

After earning her degree, Sanchez landed a position as an anchor-reporter in KTVK (Arizona). In 1997, she received a reporter position in the TV program Extra.  Later on, Sanchez worked as an anchor at Fox Sports Net. She also got a correspondent job for Goin’ Deep. Her correspondence in Goin’ Deep earned her an Emmy nomination.

Two years later, Sanchez returned to KCOP-TV. She used to work in KCOP-TV as a desk assistant during her university years. Then, she accepted a job as an entertainment reporter on KTTV, a company owned by Fox.

In 2005, Sanchez hosted a reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance. After this hosting stint, she took a break from TV. Sanchez still appears as an anchor in Extra and other TV shows while on break.

This sexy news anchor, later on, created a production company, Black Ops Aviation, that specializes in aerial filming. Amazon, Fox, and Netflix are some of its famous customers.

While doing anchor and reporter jobs, Sanchez appeared in many films and TV shows. In 1997, she appeared in Babylon 5 for one episode. Sanchez also starred in Fight Club, where she co-starred with Brad Pitt.

Between 2001 to 2004, Sanchez appeared in many films as a news anchor.  Some of these movies are The Day After Tomorrow, Hollywood Homicide, Cellular, and The Agency. Sanchez used her real name in The Longest Yard, appearing as a news reporter.

Sanchez also starred in Fantastic Four (2005). Later on, she got a role as Aramanda De La Cruz in Eve. Sanchez played the role for one episode. Two years passed without her getting any film projects. Still, Sanchez was busy in the news industry.

From 2006 to 2008, Sanchez again played as a news reporter in Dirt, College Road Trip, Zoom, and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. In the later part of 2008, she got a part in a horror film Killer Movie. Sanchez also played as Lydia Filangeri in Gotham Tonight. She played a role in three episodes.

In 2010, Sanchez landed some small parts in three different series. First, she played the role of NCIS Agent Sanchez in the series NCIS. Second, Sanchez played Cece Chavez for a few episodes in Days of Our Lives. Lastly, she played Layla in The Big Picture.

Sanchez has three children. Her firstborn was the product of her relationship with Tony Gonzales. In 2005, Sanchez married Patrick Whitesell. The couple has two children. However, their marriage ended in 2019.

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Sexy and Hot Lauren Sanchez Pictures