42 Sexy and Hot Lauren Holly Pictures

Looking at our collection of Sexy and Hot Lauren Holly pictures, you know that she still has the appeal and charisma. Aside from her gorgeous looks, Lauren is also a talented actress who played various roles in TV shows and movies. Learn more about her as you browse through her photos and read more about her. 

Lauren Michael Holly was from Bristol, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of Michael Ann Holly. This famous art historian who holds a prestigious position at the Sterling Francine Clark Art Institute, and Grant Holly, who is a literature professor.

Michael Ann gave birth to her on October 28, 1963. She is the eldest and has two younger brothers, whose names were Nick and Alexander. 

Although Holly came from Bristol, her parents raised her in New York. She went to Geneva High School and became a cheerleader. 

Lauren went to Sarah Lawrence College and took up an English degree. She graduated from her undergraduate program in 1985.

Despite her hot and gorgeous appearance, she had to endure the death of her then 14-year-old brother. His brother Alexander died in a fire incident while alone at home. As a tribute to his death, Lauren and her family built the “A Fund.” 

A is what Lauren’s family used to call Alexander when he was alive. The funding is a scholarship program for the Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Lauren has become a Canadian citizen in 2008 and currently lives in Ontario, Canada, with her sons.

Despite not seeing her in a bikini, you can tell that she is one of the sexiest females on the planet. Lauren appeared on several TV shows and movies.

Her acting career started when she was 20 years old. Lauren played the role of Carla Walicki in Hill Street Blues and appeared in two episodes.  

By the age of 24, she became one of the casts of All My Children, playing the character of Julie Rand Chandler. Lauren also became Betty Cooper for the movie, Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again.

Lauren’s most significant break in her career was when she played the role of Maxine Stewart, who was a Deputy Sheriff that kicks ass. Lauren played the character along with Tom Skerritt in the TV series, Picket Fences. She appeared in almost all of the episodes in four seasons. 

Lauren also played the role of Bruce Lee’s wife, Linda Lee Cadwell, in the movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

Her other prominent movie appearances are Dumb and Dumber, Sabrina, Down Periscope, Any Given Sunday, and more. She also appeared in several TV shows, which include Good Witch, My Perfect Romance, Upstairs, Ultra Low, Lucifer, and more.

Lauren has three sons whose names are Henry, George, and Alexander Holly. She had been married thrice. Her first marriage was to Danny Quinn, the second was to Jim Carrey, and the third was to Francis Greco. Currently, she is with Jerome Ruffin.

Lauren’s pictures show that she still has what it takes to become a wonderful actress. You do not have to see Lauren’s boobs to see how attractive she is for her age.

Sexy and Hot Lauren Holly Pictures