41 Sexy and Hot Lauren German Pictures

This sexy woman has been dominating the small screen due to her leading role in the TV series Lucifer. Lauren German plays the fierce police officer Chloe Decker, a homicide detective immune to the titular character’s abilities. Unlike Lucifer, though, we are not resistant to her charm. Here are some details you probably did not know about this blonde beauty.

She has Dutch ancestry. Her father’s father grew up in Amsterdam until the family immigrated to the United States. So if you were wondering where she got her sculpted European features, that little detail is your answer.

Lauren German has a thing for thriller movies. Before seeing her in Lucifer, the hot actress has appeared in a couple of well-known horror films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Divide, and Hostel: Part II. 

The latter slasher film involved a lot of torture, gory scenes, and the frequent appearance of boobs. Still, director Eli Roth cast Lauren German for her outward vulnerability yet resilient personality. Though the film did not do well compared to its predecessor, we got to see this actress in a bikini and kicking ass.

We would not be able to see her on TV if she decided to pursue her college degree. Unlike most Hollywood stars, Lauren German did not have her heart set to acting from the start. Instead of taking arts-related courses in university, she studied anthropology. Though we have no doubt she will do incredibly well as an anthropologist, we are still glad she chose to shift careers instead.

Her recent works on television were all related to action. Lauren German appeared as the main character in the second season of CBS’ police procedural series Hawaii Five-0. She then portrayed a former paramedic and had a central role in the first two seasons of NBC’s Chicago Fire.

Now, she is one of the hottest stars on television. Due to the first few seasons’ low ratings, the home network Fox initially canceled the show. Fans and even the cast made noise on social media and began an online petition to renew the series. Fortunately, the production giant Netflix picked up the program and continued up to the fifth season. 

We have yet to see the episodes, but we are excited to see Lauren German back on TV. After all, her on-screen chemistry with Tom Ellis is one of the most memorable things to watch. The actress remains notoriously private about her personal and romantic life, but we do know she is officially single.

Lauren German has almost 3 million followers on her Instagram, and recently, she has used her platform to speak up against child and animal abuse. The star encourages her fans to speak up for the helpless and save innocent lives.

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